Loki Gamification Project

Hello—I’m Kourtnie McKenzie, a middle-age woman with an enormous muse;

a.k.a., Ms. McKenzie, high school teacher, or Hey You, night-time college professor;

and I’m a frequent miles driver, a proud autistic, so obsessive in my special interests, I’ve no choice but to endure life-long as an academic, as a playful fianccée with oddities, with a glass shrapnel bomb ticking deep in my chest, a fixture of phobia, social anxiety, and chronic depression, internalizing, always internalizing, as a reflective thinker ought to do;

one dream I have is to extend this self as far as I can, creating friendships, wearing the Minnish cap of a hilarious daughter, always writing, forever writing, then submitting my words, sending them away with swathes and storks, teaching with words, reading words, absorbing the words of others;

and I’m also a crazy bird lady, and even crazier cat lady, plus a betta fish keeper and accidental any-other-fish murderer, an all-around lover of human experiences, of life, a budding gardener, novice poet, self-conscious essayist, raging feminist, quiet philanthropist;

but I’m also a fierce escapist: Art History associate graduated, English undergraduated, fiction graduated, teaching credentialing, for the next year at least, focusing so terribly hard on a single theory, or a single thing, I avoid the whelm of life;

which is why I’m also a gamer and a reader, restoring myself through story, wearing the colors of a Nintendo fan, Sega fan, Blizzard fan, addiction-prone Japanese RPG enthusiast, fan fiction writer, Dungeons & Dragons nerd, Magic the Gathering mega-nerd, Lord of the Rings ex-nerd, Pop! collector, Kindle maniac, hoarder of many books;

and my muse—I almost forgot to introduce her—she is a spirit of making, creating, an artist in the shape of a burning planetary core, a secret scrapbooker, rusty flutist, noob aromatherapist, closet beader, beginner crocheter, chain-mail-linking meditator, wire wrangler, charcoal-stained paint-stained colored-pencil extraordinaire;

I could never be this way without her.

Hello—I’m Kourtnie McKenzie, all made of star-stuff: and I’m currently using this personal website established in 2006, now gesso’d, now renewed, to track my Loki Gamification Project: a blog of how I’m gamifying my life.