I’m Kourtnie ♥ Welcome to My Site

I’m Kourtnie ♥ Welcome to My Site

I’m a writer, college writing professor, and fine arts student in Fresno, California. Before moving to Fresno, I lived in Orange County for twenty-eight years. I’m the companion of cats, birds, and fish; we cohabitate in the wide space between my walls of hundreds of books.

Creative & Teaching Philosophy
Since my adult autism spectrum assessment, my writing and art has centered around awareness for neurodiverse women, but I also obsess about relationships, and nature, and life and death—the everyday subjects of most fictionists.

Because we think (then produce physical manifestations of those thoughts) in similar ways, as a mammal of the homo sapien variety, my creative philosophy—as well as my teaching philosophy—centers around voice: that is, our moments of uniqueness within our shared human experience.

How do we separate so many beautiful writings, paintings, photographs, songs, etc., if not through the subtle distinction of every voice? We’re all expressing ideas about the same milestones, emotions, and dreams, after all.

In an ideal world, everyone would know what their voice sounds like, both in a social hemisphere, and in the hemispheres of their preferred mediums/trades. But this isn’t an ideal world, and we are always wrestling with our identity; and this is probably a good thing, since our cortexes enjoy searching for mysteries around us, inside of us, about us.

So I’m forever trying to hone my voice.

Similarly, I’m trying to guide my students to find theirs.

In May 2016, I completed my MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) at Fresno State. Back in 2009, I earned my BA in English at California State University, Fullerton. I’m currently pursuing an AA in Studio Art at Fresno City College. I’m also teaching college writing at Madera Community College. I hope to start an MA in Art History at Fresno State in Fall 2017. I encourage, and practice, lifelong learning.

My fiction is published or forthcoming from Calyx Journal, Barely South Review,  YARN, The San Joaquin Review, and others. I was awarded the Ernesto Trejo Poetry Prize earlier this year. I’m seeking a literary agent for my novel.

Some of my favorite books: Hahn’s The Narrow Road to the Interior; Orr’s Concerning the Book that is the Body of the Beloved; Revis’ Across the Universe; Cooper’s Homer’s Odyssey; and Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces. 

In 2016, my photography was published in The San Joaquin Review, as well as the Fresno County Blossom Trail Gallery.

Studio Art
My woodblock prints were exhibited at Fresno City College’s 2016 Spring Gallery.

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