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I always love blogging about what’s happening in my life. Helps me sort 😱💩🤬 out. Previous generations call it a diary.

I keep several of those too, in composition notebooks mostly, with washi tape, alcohol pens, gel pens; lots of ink. Each composition book has a purpose. Each blog ends up with a purpose, too. A notebook for teaching at FCC. A notebook for when my Muses come to me, unformed, wild, often confused.

When Millennials took diaries to the InternetAwyeah, that’s right: Baby Boomers might’ve wrecked the environment, and Gen X might’ve chucked humanity onto a hell-screaming rollercoaster called the Internet, but we plan on sabotaging everything WITH PHOTOS OF OUR MEALS., Gen X and Baby Boomers cried, “No one cares about what you ate for lunch!” and some Millennials screamed that at one another, too. Others simply screamed.

Once Upon a Time: Twenties Part-timer

In the 2000s, like many other now-eldering millenials“Once Upon a Times” are where I encapsulate memories of my past; new “Once Upon a Time” posts go up once week. Read here for more information on my weekly updates., I thought, well, my thoughts mattered; like really, really mattered—like I was someone big.

I worked two part-time jobs on my choice, on my terms:

  1. 8-hour weeks at a Plantronics distributor
    with an employee count of four, followed by
  2. 12-hour weeks at a swim school, listening
    to Orange County mothers pissing on-&-on
    about how their daughter’s swim lesson
    needed to be 15 minutes earlier,
    or she wouldn’t make it
    to cello lessons on time.

I attended community college so the universities couldn’t make money off my freshman and sophomore years. I had a real attitude back then.

In My Life Today: Valentine’s Day Vacation

Chase and I took a trip to Solvang on February 11th & 12th, thanks to a Groupon I purchased in November with a 20% off local deals coupon.I love to use coupons on Groupons. We enjoyed early Valentine’s Day celebratory wine-and-dining. I fed ostriches.

Poetry is Safer than Home: Stowaway

In my mid-twenties, I succumbed
to the almighty whelm of the computer,
tucking blogs, diaries, and poetry journals
into closets, treasure boxes, and clouds;

until I was ready to return
to myself, to the love
for writing: to here.


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