Intermission: I ♥ PicsArt

All the photographs on my blog are snapped with an iPhone 6S Plus or iPad Pro, then edited by the app PicsArt. It’s like a throwback to high school multimedia productions (i.e., Photoshop 5), except PicsArt edits photographs faster, makes them a little crazier,—so it appeals to our decreasing, otherwise-jaded attention spans.

My quick designs:

  • The effect I used on this week’s photos is magic > color bright; &
  • I also added a square fit with a background.

The only beef I have with PicsArt?—the pop-up ads.

But let’s be fair; if they’re delivering a fun app without any cost to the user—except for micro-transaction options, which I’ve yet to invest in—and their app works on my older smartphone…

They’re allowed to throw pop-ups in the user’s face.

In the future, I’m certain there’s a Friday night, in a restaurant in Anaheim, where I’ll micro-trans PicArts frames, sometime after mixed drink number three…

Critique Technique: Compliment Sandwich

This intermission is an example of a compliment sandwich, a critique technique where you:

  1. Choose a product you want to share; then,
  2. write a snippet about what you liked (& maybe how you even used the product!), followed by
  3. any gentle critiques you may have, before you close with
  4. another snippet about a feature you enjoyed.

I found, in graduate school, if there’s a workshop participant who’s worse than the “it’s the best writing ever!” cheerleader, it’s the “I hate everything…” killjoy. So I teach a more academic version of the compliment sandwich in my college courses, when we workshop each other’s writing.


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