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Workview, Part II; Writer Mind 🔬

I just went bananasI was thinking about how to design a social media and consumer strategy that lets me explore ideas organically, authentically, enjoyably, while also being held accountable for establishing an online brand and spending responsibly. adding to my Pinterest. I was especially hooked on the idea of crayons. I’ve been thinking about doing some serious gardening work this weekend, in addition to the aquarium and fish-keeping goals. 

In My Life Today 🐈 Phoebe’s in the Weendow 🐆

Relaxing and researching, drafting static pages to add my Easter Egged personal user interface to, drinking cinnamon tea, worrying about the clear vomit Phoebe just made, even though she seems fine in the window now;

12-year-old cat

Thinking about eating fruit, and pre-writing for my novella on overdriveAn overdrive post is a second blog post made on the same day. Because the old copywriter in me (and the 8th grade AOL user, and the stationary-obsessed letter writer, etc.) loves to list things, sometimes I double-dip blog post. Just remember this (b)log is a self-improvement splatterboard, not some predictable, orchestrated production… Yet. 😘, when I discover this guy’s YouTube channel on my second monitor:♥—btw, I always have community-based activity running on my second monitor; it’s just a matter of if it’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Goodreads, LinkedIn, PicsArt, Canvas, G-mail, Outlook, Amazon, Reddit, niche forums, niche consumer reviews, popular article comments—♥

Watching Right Now🦄 Wheezy Waiter🐔

I’m exploring YouTube more than normal lately, ever since I added YouTube channels to the line-up of “technological tools that have contributed to new societal behaviors;” eventually, my rhetoric & logic students will write a researched-and-extended review of a technological tool, as a 21st-century, egalitarian-based approachAs opposed to a late-20th-century academic essay. to joining the conversation from Rereading America’s third chapter, “The Wild Wired West.”

Also, I’ve been thinking about vlogging.Chase could make a nerdy YouTube channel. Then I don’t have to worry about any of that character-building for the authentic vlogging experience. Or we could co-vlog. Maybe we could make a baby vlog. Do Bridezillas think about making baby vlogs? It’s not like it’s difficult to find parallels between Chase and I when you look at our Workviews, Lifeviews, and projects. …Okay, maybe our Workviews can oil-and-water sometimes. But our Lifeviews are spot on. So any co-project about life would be spot on. That’s why we’re getting married. Like kinda-sorta entertaining the idea.

I’ve been putting cute bird and parrot videos up on Instagram, and all kinds of PicsArt #catsofinstagram action, too; I just stick my fingers into different mediums, playing with different media, before I decide when-and-how I want to dive further down the YouTube wormhole.

Teaching Philosophy 🐲 Explore Different Forms 🦊

I’m no longer teaching more than one essay of the same style per class—which means, I’m only assigning one research paper and one personal-anecdote-driven (i.e., expressionism) paperI find this is the most popular writing method in the community college courses I take as a student. in any of my college courses.

With the extra room, we can learn about some very necessary:

  • academic skills for college advancementResearch papers are actually really good for learning multiple academic skill sets; I think that’s why teachers fawn over them.but also,
  • real-life skills to help our world interconnect, critically analyze, and collaborate on key 21st-century conversations.In other words, let’s expose students to different writing styles and methods of social literacy, so they can be a) good students, and b) active voices in the 21st-century community.

We should never be normalizing, standardizing, or cheapening education to where students can produce academic essays without a lick of knowing how to apply those same critical thinking and rhetorical maneuvers to real-life situationsWhich… that’s the point of studying English—in case you got side-tracked into Grammar Police Land; or into Everyone-Thinks-like-a-Professor Land (that’s the one that gets me all the time)—. We need to slow down and refocus.I can’t wait to write a book review about this current Kindle treat I’m digesting, Enlightenment Now(Spoiler alert: The author is super-smart. But the author is also loud.) It’s #20 on Amazon’s Most Read right now.

How else will our highly educated society discuss important issues as a brilliant-minded collective? We have serious, society-wide situations on the horizon; for example, artificial intelligence is already self-learning, so superintelligence is around the corner, and we’re still flailing around in misaligned ethical choices;Albeit, we’re improving at this humanism thing way more than we give ourselves credit for.

Meanwhile, we’ll soon be transitioning to futuristic cars designed by Elon Musk to prevent a Venus-style greenhouse effect by 13000 Human Era, yet not a single one of my students in my advanced-level college English course had ever heard of him prior to Rereading America’s “The Wild Wired West.”

So the other “paper” assignments in my college coursesPreparatory, composition, logic & rhetoric, vocabulary & testing, all the college courses. are going to be mutations on the previous, more traditional academic forms, including:

  • review writing (life skill for telling others about important books, apps, websites, etc.)
  • reflection writing (the fine art of a diary, used intellectually)
  • netiquette, i.e., using writing to interact with the community, friends, family,
  • basically, all the “good stuff” about writing,

while retaining fundamental concepts of curriculum requirements, like students learning the methods of logic, persuasion, rhetorical maneuvers, rhetorical analysis, innovative maneuvers, literary analysis, writing as a process, meaning making—

—hoooooooh, I sound like an impassioned, experienced and empowered English professor, and that gives me way more anxiety than it should, breathe breathe BREEEATHE you’re still a writer BREEEATHE you’re still a writer—

Writing Philosophy 🐙 Writers Do More Than Write 🐉

Once I finish exploring my 7 mentor-specific Workviews, I’ll move along to exploring my 7 writer-specific Workviews. As a sneak preview into that Pandora’s Box, I’ll Play-doh with the aforementioned panic attack about how

Writers do more than write prose and verse in Microsoft Word.

by listing 21 things writers do besides type in Microsoft Word:

  1. contribute our voices to a larger conversation
  2. read our favorite voices/authors
  3. read our favorite genres/topics
  4. research our writing topics
  5. research weird stuff people don’t think about (i.e., re-framing, code switching, lensing)
  6. imitate our heroes (♥ grad school imitation assignments!)
  7. type in simpler word processors (like the notepad in your phone)
  8. type on typewriters (I want a manual blue one… with the fury of a thousand meows…)
  9. hand write grand letters and analyses on paper
  10. write professionally, like copywriting and business writing
  11. edit professionally, like copyediting and ghost editing
  12. write for a cause, like grant writing and social media
  13. exchange articles with other writers
  14. write poems and lists on the back of receipts
  15. encourage other people to write more, speak more, join world conversations more
  16. draw, doodle, and mad-science together absolutely wicked and over-jazzed pre-writes
  17. do the bidding of cats
  18. pay late library fees and/or Amazon Unlimited fees
  19. meditate
  20. attend conferences, classroom visits, and other places that need old wise women for rambling purposes (or otherwise community volunteer)
  21. talk to other writers about writing (including teaching writers who are earlier in their writing life; and this is why experienced and empowered adjunct professorship is part of BEING a writer)
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