Word Challenge Update

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Anaheim to play board games with a few of my Orange CountyI grew up in Anaheim and Fullerton. friends: AshleyOne of my bridesmaids and best friends!, Ryan, Eric, and SteveAnd these guys are pretty awesome human beings, too.. I’m bringing an Amazon Warehouse Deals copy of Legacy Risk, “unopened” and a little beat-up looking.

Super excited to see if I can rope everyone into playing it.

In My Life Today 💢 Word Challenge & Social Anxiety💦

On Wednesday, in order to meet my 3500-word goal, I had to addendum Tom Selleck’s Daily 150-word Challenge with a new rule, Editing counts as 30% word value—which worked out nicely, since I’d been meaning to incorporate editing into my daily writing practice, anyway.

And I did more editing yesterday and today, too.

Wednesday’s calculations, after edits (3500):

  • 1000 words of a 4-page handout for my Fresno City College rhetoric class;
  • 8000 words of editing my novella, after my evening lecture (30% value is 2,400 words);  &
  • 100 words of hand-writing plans and gratitude on stationary for the following day.

On Wednesday, I didn’t need to worry about feeding my agoraphobia too much, since I benefited from an enormous dose of healthy and interactive “community time” while teaching; I may be forced to mentor-pilot the ship sometimes, but when I can, I promote egalitarian discussion with my students, my opinion being only one of our many.

Thursday’s calculations, after edits (3650):

  • 700 words for the day’s blog post;
  • 650 words for Saturday’s blog post (written in advance);
  • 900 words for chapter seven of my novella;
  • 3000 words of editing this blog (~1,000 words value);
  • 100 words of hand-writing in a comp book for my Fresno City College rhetoric class;
  • 100 words of drafting a letter for Groupon;
  • 100 words of drafting an eulogy on tumblr; &
  • 100 words of hand-writing plans and gratitude on stationary for the following day.

On Thursday, to address my social anxiety, I also attended therapy; then I tried to visit a yoga studio, but no one was there when the class was supposed to start, and they weren’t ringing the doorbell. So instead, I took a half-mile walk to get a library card; I’d been meaning to get involved in the library for awhile, and I thought that would substitute my daily goals for self-care.

And here’s what I’m projecting today (3800):

  • 800 words for this blog post;
  • 700 words for Sunday’s blog post (written in advance);
  • 1000 words for chapter eight of my novella;
  • 3000 words of editing my novella (~1,000 words value);
  • 100  words of hand-writing in a comp book for my College of the Sequoias vocab class;
  • 100 words of chicken writing at my WordPress; &
  • 100 words of hand-writing plans and gratitude on stationary for the following day.

But I have two big responsibilities today, too: turn in my contracts at Fresno City College and College of the Sequoias; then set up my PlayStation4, so I can game with my sister a couple times as week as part of my social anxiety planI’m in the early stages of prototyping a daily social schedule to prevent myself from exacerbating agoraphobia..

Three points to note with the daily 150-word challenge so far:

  1. I cut it close yesterday because I morphed into a college professor for nine hours, planning, grading, and teaching; when I pack all those responsibilities into one day, it’s hard to do anything else.
  2. However, I was aware on Monday, then Tuesday, that Wednesday was going to look like 💩, and I opted out of doing any of my professor responsibilities ahead of time; so additional chunking, planning, and discipline may be necessary—thus the comp book plans above.
  3. If it had a bonus award for going an additional 1000 words above-and-beyond, this would probably up my productivity without any negative effects on motivation.

Watching Right Now 🌷 Pick-me-up 🌷

My sixteen-year-old cat, Philosopher Jones, is chilling on my desk right now, a mound of black fur and ears, the hairs between his toes tickling the edges of my keyboard, and he’s drool-purring.

Occasionally he rolls his head on the Enter key of the NumPad, and I have to scoot my keyboard over. Sometimes, when he does this, I have to put the keyboard in my lap, because there’s nowhere left to scoot; he’s a big cat, and he’s not afraid to sprawl.

But typing is no small feat when I’m writing on a wobbly stool.

Once Upon a Time 😻 The Origin of Philosopher Jones 🐱‍🚀

More than a decade ago, when I was 19 or 20 years old, my ex and I were walking through a Petco in Laguna Hills. We had cockatiels (which he hated) and lizards (which I was beginning to love), so we needed bird seed and crickets. But then they had cats lined up the aisles in cages, and one of the ones at ankle-level was marked declawed.

So I took Philosopher Jones and Loki home. Loki has passed on, and I miss him; yet Philo is still healthy as a horse, one of my best friends in the world, and as Chase and I always tell him, “Sixteen’s nothin’. We’re gonna make it to twenty!”

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