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Yesterday was my first week teaching the second semester of English 380: Vocabulary Building & Testing SkillsI was a MONTH late responding to the “You wanna teach this next semester?” e-mail, so I will 100% understand if I don’t get the opportunity to do this a third time… but I hope I do get a third chance! at College of the Sequoias, quite possibly my favorite place in the Central Valley.

Cue for a yin-yang cat-pawse:

Yesterday’s students smiled lots, eager to listen to stories about how the words “catastrophe,” “catapult,” and “catalyst” share the same etymological prefix, kata—the night, every bit as joyful as teaching rhetoric and logic at Fresno City College—and on top of all that awesome, I turned in one of the two contracts I still had in our mailbox;

Now I just need to submit my Fall 2018 contract to FCC tomorrow;

Then meet with Fresno Unified about subbing Thursday;

And my teaching career will be re-aligned again…

Lifeview 👠 Don’t Stagnate; Always Move 👟

Meanwhile, I’m still working on responding to philosophical ideas as part of my “Chapter 2: Compass” DYL critical analysis… when I was supposed to start my journey into “Chapter 3: Wayfinding” yesterday.

Part of the issue is the nature of “Chapter 3: Wayfinding”… I need to design projects, templates, scaffolds, etc. to act as guide posts in my odyssey quest, and while I’ve been working on it, I’m still only prewriting, tinkering, playing;

But I could still do myself the favor of moving on, rather than stagnating in “Chapter 2: Compass.”

S’omorrow, I’ll change the direction of the blog  to asking questions, or posing problems, in preparation for “Chapter 4: Getting Unstuck.” It’ll be good to lay out the problems on my mind now, rather than later, then return to Chapter 3: Wayfinding, so I can let the ideas saturate, remove my emotional attachment from them, and freely brainstorm solutions when it’s time for really diving into “Chapter 4: Getting Unstuck.”

It’s a good plan. And I think I’ve dwelt in Philosophy Land enough, at least until I get the wild hair to regress into Workview and Lifeview writing again.

🥁 Aaand now, Ladies and Gentlemen! 🥁 last dive into reflecting about teaching…

Reframing 🏊‍♀️ Emoticons for Traditional Grading 💦

In all of this, I’ve remained 🤠🤣
because I’ve been trying to 💎💍 delicate thoughts about

how ✅✅ has nothing to do with
assigning a letter (a beef grade) to a 🐮👩‍🎓🐂👨‍🎓🐮…

Isn’t a “🥇,” “🥈,” and “🥉”
a different 👑—a different 🔬& 🔭—for every 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓?

🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️, when I bring up this dilemma,
I often hear this 💯💯 counterargument:

Grading in 🚍👥👥👥👥👥👥👥🚍
is the process of applying 💯〽💯
of 👶👧👩👱‍♀️ levels of achievement in 👨‍🏫.

In other words, a 💯is a measure
of how well a 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓does

against the backdrop of 💯〽💯
expectations within a 👨‍🏫,

is essential 👔⚖👔
for the 👨‍🏫 + 👩‍⚖️👨‍🔬👨‍🚀relationship

to function in the
scheme of things.

Do you really believe
the moon is not there
when you are not
looking at it? —Albert Einstein

Teaching Philosophy 💟 Counterargument to Tradition 💌

I get where this thought process comes from…
How do we guarantee everyone is learning 👩‍⚕️👨‍🌾👨‍🚀 stuff,

without following lists of the 👩‍⚕️👨‍🌾👨‍🚀 stuff
they should be learning?—and without 💯

lining perfectly with the 💯〽💯 methods,
how can we guarantee no tampering with data?

Therefore, for the sake of

we should treat grading as a 🐮👩‍🎓🐂👨‍🎓🐮 process,
not as a 👑—variable, 🔬& 🔭—👨‍🎓👩‍🎓process.

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