Explore 💙 C.E.N. Treatment

I found a new DIY self-care project thanks to the video below. I’m not sure if it’d be a good DIY without at least a preliminary knowledge of psychology; but given I studied psychology for my first three years of college, I figure I got this.Famous last words. Also, it’s not like prototyping a method … Read moreExplore 💙 C.E.N. Treatment

Explore 🤖 Quantum Stuff

When I’m processing emotions, it helps to focus on my special interests. So when the sky is falling, there’s nothing like studying something I know next to nothing about, yet I find unbearably interesting, like quantum physics. By focusing on science, I can zoom out of my body, away from my family anxieties, and into … Read moreExplore 🤖 Quantum Stuff

I 💚 Patterns

In the spirit of Autism Awareness Month, I’m going to continue exploring my experiences on the spectrum. If you appreciate reading about these experiences, make sure to visit my other blog, Cleo’s Autism Awareness. Watching Right Now 💚 Patterns on the Brain Patterns are information. Information is just a patterned arrangement of particles. Says so in … Read moreI 💚 Patterns

25 Articles to Explore

I have all these tabs everywhere, New Yorker articles I can’t access, places I’ve yet to see. So I wanted to clump them all up for future reference. Also, I’m having a rough one with my family today, and listing is always calming. 10 Wikipedia Articles Mariana Trench Geomagnetic Reversal Challenger Deep KGB Nationalism Mass Hysteria Apocalypticism … Read more25 Articles to Explore

35 Buckets to Kick

The following post is a free write. I will be documenting as many ideas as possible in five minutes. This bucket list isn’t limited to real-life experiences; in some cases, it may be better to explore the dream through the safety of a fictional character. publish a poetry collection publish a novel publish a novella … Read more35 Buckets to Kick

I ❤ Teaching College

I keep toying with the idea of starting a vlog. I’m pretty sure I’m starting a vlog this summer, when I’m not teaching. Teaching Plans Also, I’m teaching at Clovis Community College and Fresno City College in the fall semester, so I’m spending summer preparing new curriculum. At Clovis Community College, we’ll be studying Le … Read moreI ❤ Teaching College

Trip to AWP LA 2016, Part VII

Today’s the last day of my restoration posts for AWP LA ’16. I enjoyed going on this journey through my writing from two years ago; I hope you did, too! Listing 💚 Backstories of Reviewers How do you get into book reviewing? Newman says, “You want to make it, you want to think about it; … Read moreTrip to AWP LA 2016, Part VII

Trip to AWP LA 2016, Part VI

In these final two restoration posts from AWP LA ’16, my graduate school self listed answers to questions at a book review panel. Some of the answers are keenly interesting. I hope you enjoy it! Visit tomorrow for the second half of my AWP LA ’16 notes from the book review panel. Listing 💙 Reviews … Read moreTrip to AWP LA 2016, Part VI

Trip to AWP LA 2016, Part V

I thought I’d finish the restoration of the AWP LA ’16 blog posts by now, but after today, I still have two days left to go. Today’s post includes nuggets of wisdom for review writing, which is timely, considering I teach that in college now. But before that, of all things, I found a 💪 … Read moreTrip to AWP LA 2016, Part V