I 💛 Cats


I love cats. Like
I profoundly,
astoundingly love
each and every cat.

We’re talking cats with
short hair, cats with long,
cats that lick butts
then carry on,

as well as cats with spots,
rosettas, and stripes,
cats of all colors,
sexes, and

I think cats are nice.


I love bengals especially
like Phoebe, my girl.

(She’s  twelve years old,
but shh,…she’s still

a Little Kitten
Princess Girl

and she will
stay that way

as long as we’re
in this world.)


When I was twenty years old
and had nowhere else to go;

when he was mean to my
girl, and I felt like next

I promised
I would rise above
in my second coming,

take my princess
to a cocoon, where
only love was blooming,

and in the Central Valley sun
I feel our souls now warming—

so let’s put
one pawsitive

foot forward
every morning—

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