3×3 Blogosphere Formula

Lately I’ve tried to give my intuition more agency. While slices of our society argue gut reactions are more of a primal response,—and therefore, inferior to the rationale of an intellectual, mammalian-brain response—lately I’ve questioned the validity of this point of view; I’m uncertain if evolution intended for us to abandon our reptilian, unconscious responses … Read more3×3 Blogosphere Formula

Formulaic Writing

I use formulas for my writing. Once I find a healthy formula, I stretch it around, changing a variable here; doubling a variable there. Think of it like wrapping your hands in tight gloves, then wriggling your fingers—looking for the tension in the fabric. This is what my brain likes to do. While this is … Read moreFormulaic Writing

Does Sci-fi Inspire Science? Or Science Inspire Sci-fi?

@40:13, “How much do you think sci-fi influences science?” Quite a lot, actually… Even now, I think there’s something similar about them; because they’re both about imagination… it’s about letting your mind wander, distant worlds, subatomic realms… I still love science fiction. The science fiction readers of today become the scientists of tomorrow. The scientists … Read moreDoes Sci-fi Inspire Science? Or Science Inspire Sci-fi?

I 💙 Crimson Gem Saga 👾

I super-enjoyed reviving my two-year-old post from AWP LA ’16; so I’m going to continue reviving—or necromancing—old posts 2-3 times a month, until I reintegrate…or trash… my past ideas into my Kourtnie.net self-improvement dashboard. Necromancy 😎 New Sub-category Today, I’m reviving a review I wrote seven years ago for a video game that, at the … Read moreI 💙 Crimson Gem Saga 👾

AI in the 2018 Budding Family Household

Chase and are getting married this year. We plan on having kids after that. We’re already buying the occasional children’s book. 🤖 Now let’s talk about artificial intelligence! Sometimes I watch the Roomba, grateful for AI. Then I see it hover over a spot on the ground for a too-long time, and I tense up. … Read moreAI in the 2018 Budding Family Household

I 💕🐲💕 Fantasy Genre

The other day, before bed, I tallied it up—and I wrote 7.5K words in a single day. In graduate school, I’d often pump out just as many words in a day, but that’s because I had this mindset, “This writing isn’t my best writing,” this mindset that I was just building blocks, exercises that lifted … Read moreI 💕🐲💕 Fantasy Genre

I 🖤 Brains

Braaaaaaains. Seriously, though. Love ’em. I think about what kinds of synapses are firing in the brains of other living things. I try to figure out why some people swear by the gardening practice of talking to plants. I’m fascinated by the mind-body-soul relationship. The more I read about brains, the more I feel confident, … Read moreI 🖤 Brains

Explore 💙 That Part of the Internet

I don’t feel like you should call for people to do things to benefit this planet unless you’re doing what you can to help our little blue dot, too. Inactive supporters of an idea are just as difficult a challenge for humanity to conquer as active ignorance; two sides of the same coin. I like … Read moreExplore 💙 That Part of the Internet