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I πŸ’•πŸ²πŸ’• Fantasy Genre

The other day, before bed, I tallied it upβ€”and I wrote 7.5K words in a single day. In graduate school, I’d often pump out just as many words in a day, but that’s because I had this mindset, “This writing isn’t my best writing,” this mindset that I was just building blocks, exercises that lifted the writing I’d make later in life, that’d make me publishable.

I liked all the exercising I did in graduate school. But it sucked that the head of the MFA program frowned on genre fiction. I’m trying to work on both perceptions of reality, so I can transcend from building block literary fiction to publishable genre fiction.

Writing Philosophy πŸ›Έ A New Mindset

I never grew out of the building-block mentality, I don’t think. Part of this blog isn’t just to track how I’m doing with my self-improvement prototypes, my life design; it’s also forcing myself to write things that other people read. Publishing. Even if it’s as simple as clicking the [Publish…] button myself.

I’ve been submitting more work through DuoTrope as a result. I think the blogging is helping me get in the new mindset; leaving behind building blocks, and challenging fear.

Listing πŸ˜‹ All the Writing Things

Since I’m ramping up my words per day, I thought it’d be fun to list as many different different writing projects I could invest in as possible in a single day. We’ll see which ones stick the next time I redesign my flow, when I’m working on my May schedule.

  • submit 3-5 poems via DuoTrope or; once I’ve submitted the same 3-5 poem cluster 3 times, transcribe poems into a new word document to repeat the submission process; keep doing this until a collection’s worth of poetry is published, then submit poems to contests for a larger publication
  • submit an essay or short story via DuoTrope or
  • publish a blog post on
  • publish a blog post on
  • publish a blog post on
  • publish a blog post on
  • publish a blog post on
  • publish a blog post on
  • draft a post and share art on
  • draft a post and share photography on Instagram
  • draft a listing and sell art on
  • draft a chapter for my current novella
  • draft a short story
  • draft a poem
  • design vocabulary curriculum
  • design rhetoric curriculum
  • design how-to-write curriculum
  • contribute to a conversation on Facebook
  • contribute to a conversation on Twitter
  • edit stuff (editing counts 3:1 towards word count)

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s more than enough to get me jazzed. I hope it gets you jazzed to write your own stories and ideas, too. 😘

Listening to Now πŸŒ€ Fantasy Music

I love the fantasy genre. It’s probably my favorite, although science fiction and paranormal are neck-and-neck for second and third place. Some of the fantasy genres I want to explore more in my writing:

  • high fantasy
  • urban fantasy
  • post-apocalyptic fantasy
  • steampunk fantasy, likeΒ Final Fantasy VI
  • cyberpunk science fiction too, likeΒ Final Fantasy VII
  • fanfiction for other people’s fantasy worlds, like Azeroth
  • magical realism, similar to Aimee Bender’s work

Listing πŸ’— Fantasy Genre Ideas

  • 10 favorite fantasy books
  • 10 favorite fantasy writing music selections
  • 10 favorite fantasy video games
  • 10 favorite fantasy artists
  • 10 favorite fantasy tropes
  • 10 favorite mother figures in fantasy literature
  • 10 unique magic systems from fantasy literature
  • 10 interesting old Wiccan practices, and how these could be repurposed in a fantasy world to illustrate a culture, rather than a taboo thing
  • 10 interesting old Christian practices, and how these could be repurposed in a fantasy world to argue for international acceptance of all religions
  • 10 interesting old Buddhist practices, and how these could be retold in a fantasy world…animal tales, maybe?
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Kourtnie McKenzie holds an MFA (Fiction) from Fresno State and a BA in English (Literature Studies) from Cal State Fullerton. When she isn't writing novellas, she's moonlighting as a professor at Fresno City College and College of the Sequoias. To read more of her writing, visit

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