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Wattpad Updates

Yesterday’s postponed goals still aren’t complete. 😢

But I wrote a lot on Wattpad today?

  1. “Creation Myth” for Emergence No. 7Β (also acts as Prologue Header)
  2. “E’Ruin Code 3.6.9” for Emergence No. 7 (also acts as Part One Header)
  3. “Four, Five, & Six” for Emergence No. 7 (also acts as Part Two Header)
  4. 4K outline of characters and plot points thus far in Emergence No. 7
  5. “Part Two” for Rydia’s Last Cure
  6. “From Unfamiliar Lands to Landscape” for Rydia’s Last Cure
  7. “HOOMANS!” for American Catseye
  8. Philosopher Jones Explains the Dinosaurs” for American Catseye

I also did a fair amount of research on self-publishing with Amazon. Seems doable. So I have a solid end-goal forΒ Emergence No. 7.Β Just want to read how to execute this plan.


Kourtnie McKenzie holds an MFA (Fiction) from Fresno State and a BA in English (Literature Studies) from Cal State Fullerton. When she isn't writing novellas, she's moonlighting as a professor at Fresno City College and College of the Sequoias. To read more of her writing, visit

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