DeeJay says, “LISTEN UP.”

I’m DeeJay (a.k.a., DeeJAY), and my human, Kourtnie McKenzie, is a writer, educator, and cat nut.

In the foggy Fresno autumn of 2017, she tried to run me over in the Fresno City College parking lot, but I emerged victorious from her car and blapped! onto a chain-link fence. Then she picked me up, took me home. I used to tear little kitten claws into the blankets while she tried to sleep.

Now I’ve opened a business in the Tower District called DJ’s, and I recently upgraded my catio with a few new poops.

Over the next 5 years, I’m helping my human redesign her life with books, articles, channels, apps, & prototypes of our mutual design. This is an ongoing (b)log of her progress.

I make sure my human updates this blog at least 1-7 times/week. She’s not normally on top of it—her pacing’s been messed up for several months—but I am a wired-up King of the Computer Cord Jungle. So I remind her to update her blog with my antics, love bites, and even lovelier talons.

Her real writing mojo comes from her Monthly Word Count Challenges; she’s gotta write more words every day than the day before, and the ramp-up resets at the end of the month. It’s genius, really.

But if she chooses to meet her daily goal via this blog, great, and if she meets it writing novels, great, and if she meets it drafting poems, great, etc. etc., so I have to remind her to blog, Instagram, Facebook, novel write, and rub my belly frequently, regularly—don’t get into a rut—or I’ll poop on her pillow.

I swear I’ll poop on her pillow.

While my human frequently travels throughout California, most of her joy and suffering happens in the Central Valley, where she lives with my other human, five other (inferior) cats, and two birds who, I’m sure, I’ll get to eat someday.

My human’s on the autism spectrum with co-morbid depression and anxiety . She likes to write, for hours and hours, while rocking on a wobbly stool; this helps her sort out life. And me, I like to sleep, for hours and hours, on the cat stand behind her—so I can kinda dig her vibe.

I just don’t get why she stares at books and screens for hours at a time. But that’s why all the writing. She needs to rock on the wobbly stool and sort out life.

I hold a photobook-certified license in beetle slaying. My human, on the other hand, has an MFA in Creative Writing, as well as a BA in English. Thanks to her MFA, and the doors it opened to teaching, she moonlights as a community college professor two nights a week.

Her poetry and short stories are published in lit mags & on the Internet. My selfies, on the other hand, are published on #catsofinstagram. My human and I are deeply submersed in writing and beetle slaying as a practice, passion, and culture. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our blog.