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3 x 3 in 8 vs. 8

After we got home from seven hours of swimming, barbecue, and familial love, I felt exhausted, so I fell asleep, then woke up cramped out of my mind. We watched two episodes of Cosmos instead of lighting ground spinners or watching our neighbors shoot explosives into the air. The cats appreciated our living room routine and came crawling out of their July 4th hiding spaces. It was nice.

Then Chase went to bed, and fueled by two hours of physics and dramatic visuals, I retreated into my office to write another chapter of my arcanepunk novel (that I’ve been previously calling a science fiction and fantasy hybrid, not really knowing there’s a genre already established for this storytelling method). Six hours of sleep later, I sat down with Knott’s Berry Farm boysenberry tea and green and purple grapes (my conure’s favorite) to continue Wattpadding. I also updated one of my blogs, Reminiscencings.

Daily Updates

At this point, I’m thinking of combining my eight blogs with eight novel projects, so I can design future blog posts and chapters within similar narratives. I also want to revisit the purposes of different social media accounts, since they act as one of the marketing platforms for e-books and public and/or YouTube and/or Audible readings.

So that’s 3×3 of blog-book-social, within an 8×8 idea framework… that’s what I’m clearing up today, to clear my head for my next writing goals come July 9th – July 13th.

3×3 by 8vs8 Exercise—Novels vs. Blogs

  1. Necro Blogger
    • 1️⃣ Wordpress
    • 2️⃣ study of the edge between millenniums
    • 3️⃣ retro fan collection
    • 🌐 Rydia’s Last Cure, how Final Fantasy IV Rydia lost her white magic and found her heart
    • 1️⃣ Wattpad
    • 2️⃣ subterranean fanfiction
    • 3️⃣ journey of the body
  2. Reminiscencings 
    • 1️⃣ WordPress
    • 2️⃣ study of language
    • 3️⃣ poetry collection
    • 🌐 Emergence No. 7, where the higher dimensions lead
    • 1️⃣ Wattpad
    • 2️⃣ new adult arcanepunk
    • 3️⃣ journey across dimensions
  3. From North On 
    • 1️⃣ WordPress
    • 2️⃣ study of light
    • 3️⃣ travel & photography collection
    • 🌐 Emergence No. 3, why the speed of light exists
    • 1️⃣ forthcoming rewrite of high school novel 
    • 2️⃣ gaslight fantasy
    • 3️⃣ journey into darkness
  4. Cleo’s Autism Awareness 
    • 1️⃣ WordPress
    • 2️⃣ study of autism
    • 3️⃣ self-exploration collection
    • 🌐 Clockwork Mermaids, when we return to the beginning
    • 1️⃣ forthcoming rewrite of grad novel 
    • 2️⃣ supernatural steampunk
    • 3️⃣ journey into the sea
  5. My Quest for Chicken 
    • 1️⃣ Wordress
    • 2️⃣ study of gardening & nature
    • 3️⃣ DIY collection
    • 🌐 Worlds They Dream, why we dream of lands faraway
    • 1️⃣ forthcoming rewrite of undergrad novel 
    • 2️⃣ portals sword-and-sorcery
    • 3️⃣ journey of the mind
  6. Our Cat Overlords 
    • 1️⃣ WordPress
    • 2️⃣ study of cats, birds, & betta fish
    • 3️⃣ animal love collection
    • 🌐 American Cateye, what would cats say if they were political activists
    • 1️⃣ Wattpad
    • 2️⃣ cat comedy slash political satire
    • 3️⃣ journey into philosophy
  7. Wyvia 
    • 1️⃣ WordPress
    • 2️⃣ study of ceremonies & holidays
    • 3️⃣ rituals collection
    • 🌐 Emergence No. 4, who conducts the ritualistic motions of the universe
    • 1️⃣ forthcoming post-grad novel 
    • 2️⃣ supernatural cyberpunk
    • 3️⃣ journey into love
    • 1️⃣ WordPress
    • 2️⃣ study of creative & learning processes
    • 3️⃣ launchpad
    • 🌐 Teachers Paying Teachers, where I keep my successful lesson plans
    • 1️⃣ forthcoming PDFs 
    • 2️⃣ writing prompts for education
    • 3️⃣ journey of the voice

Goals to Consider

  1. Writing goal—produce 1 million words in a year—on track to completing this if I measure my metrics from April 1st, 2018 till March 31st, 2019 using only the word count amassed on Wattpad, WordPress, Wix, & Teachers Paying Teachers (first calculation: July 18 @ a quarter-million words; next calculation: Dec 18)
  2. Teaching goal—produce complete lesson plans for college-level English (i.e., English 1) with texts Squeeze the Sponge, Rereading America, and Lathe of Heaven in 2018; upload lesson plans to Teachers Paying Teachers in 2019
  3. Entrepreneurial goal—open Etsy business in 2018; open Amazon e-book business in 2019

Speaking of teaching goals, I just completed my first 1500 words of lesson planning. I’m working in Arial Narrow, one of my favorite fonts. Something about a good font, a good user interface, or a good outline always gets me jazzed up. I think that means I’m a nerd, but that’s fine.


This is Rydia’s last white magic—not Cure, but Esuna. So in today’s entry, she cast her first Esuna… the first step in prepping for the end of the story.

Blogosphere Improvements

Quick note of goals I’d like to chunk out and accomplish in coming months…


Aggressively building content. I’m a little behind on these ideals, but that’s fine, since I’ve still been churning 2K-3K words a day; I just need to find a way to stabilize that word count into:

  • 1 blog post a day, 5 days a week, current A.
  • 1 Wattpad post a day, 5 days a week, current B.
  • 1 handwritten journal entry a week, current C.

Also, I’d like to explore the concepts of “child abuse,” “government,” and “fear” by analyzing the articles I’ve been cataloging on Twitter.


  • 1 blog post a week, current A.
  • 1 Wattpad post a week, current B.
  • 1 handwritten journal entry a day, 5 days a week, current C.

Need to finalize ’em wedding vows. Oh, and get married. And honeymoon. July isn’t busy at all!


  • 1 Etsy listing every other day, 3-4 days a week; alternating current A.
  • 1 handwritten entry every other day, 3-4 days a week; alternating currrent A.
  • 1 blog post every other day, 3-4 days a week; alternating current B.
  • 1 lesson plan every other day, 3-4 days a week; alternating current B.
  • 1 Wattpad post a day, 5 days a week, current C.

I’d like to convert my WordPresses into static front pages, so I can incorporate Table of Contents for the expanding content. Also, at the point of these site restructures, I’d like to do a word-count check, so I can calculate how much I need to write Sept – Dec to reach 1mil words.

Alternating currents are not just to expand my creative horizons, but prepare for my Monday/Wednesday teaching schedule in the fall semester:

Fall Semester

  • Teaching every other day, 3-4 days a week (3rd day grading), alternating current A.
  • Lesson planning every other day, 3-4 days a week, alternating current A.
  • 1 Etsy listing a week, alternating current B.
  • 1 handwritten entry a week, alternating current B.
  • 1 blog post every other day, 3-4 days a week, alternating current C.
  • 1 Wattpad post every other day, 3-4 days a week, alternating current C.

To end summer, I’d like to explore the concepts of “neurotypical,” “neurodivergent,” “neurorealism,” “invisible minority,” and “creativity” by analyzing the content in Lindsey Stirling videos, including these three:

3×3 Blogosphere Formula

Lately I’ve tried to give my intuition more agency. While slices of our society argue gut reactions are more of a primal response,—and therefore, inferior to the rationale of an intellectual, mammalian-brain response—lately I’ve questioned the validity of this point of view; I’m uncertain if evolution intended for us to abandon our reptilian, unconscious responses as much as we’ve done as a 21st-century, dazzled-and-bedazzled, pathos-invested, logos-excused species;

So I’ve given my body more permission to send those visceral reactions to my prefrontal cortex for honest and openhearted consideration.

Which means all the below rules are designed to be broken.

3 Rules for Content

  • 1st readers see is a “pinned” quote or snippet, digestible in 30sec or less, with the intention to pique a) curiosity b) open-mindedness & c) wonder; then the next 2 posts will vary in order, but will meet the below criteria:
  • 2nd or 3rd post of 100 words or less, like tickling an idea;
  • 2nd or 3rd post of 300 words or more, where an idea is explored with some depth—but not enough depth to warrant a wetsuit; cavernous writing (1000+ words) isn’t something I plan, although it’s still something I magically produce 1-3 times a week.

pinned mood setter + 100-word tickle + 500-word depth =
textured content / curvaceous body

3 Rules for Top Menu & Sidebar

  • unified menu structure across all sites for ease of movement within blogosphere;
  • search bar and video (or community badge) above the fold, to invite a conversation within and beyond each blog;
  • alternation between e-mail sign-up, Amazon Associates disclosure, Patreon recruitment, and Pinterest boards for the remaining sidebar, until widgets are flush with the length of 3 content posts.

search bar + above-fold conversation + below-fold alternation =
visually stimulating, exploration-friendly maps / flow

3 Rules for Footer

  • succinct & metamorphic blogging & social media goals;
  • recommended & thematic books as repeat-exposure, full-disclosure ads;
  • alternation with more Pinterest boards.

goals + recommended books + embedded alternation =
visually stimulating, ethos-designed call-to-actions