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Joyful & Veerful

I veered off track from the prewriting and update buttons I made with WordSwag on Monday because I needed to chase down some big ideas that crept up on me:

Also updated, which in its free account state, doesn’t allow viewing of back issues; but if I turn it into a professional account, it will allow the storage of past papers.

Fishy marriage stuff happened a lot today:

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I ๐Ÿ’™ Crimson Gem Saga ๐Ÿ‘พ

I super-enjoyed reviving my two-year-old post from AWP LA ’16; so I’m going to continue revivingโ€”or necromancingโ€”old posts 2-3 times a month, until I reintegrate…or trash… my past ideas into my self-improvement dashboard.

Necromancy ๐Ÿ˜Ž New Sub-category

Today, I’m reviving a review I wrote seven years ago for a video game that, at the time, was already two years old. Next year,ย Crimson Gem Sagaย will be a decade old, but I don’t think about it too hard because it makes my bones hurt.

Once Upon a Time ๐Ÿ–ค 17 March 11

Crimson Gem Saga is a PSP game that hitย America in May ’09. Despite its raving reviews and popularity, I only recently added it to my collection. It really helps the creditability of a game when it’s so popular, it was re-released for iPhone, iTouch and iPadโ€”so why not give it a shot, right?

Crimson Gem Saga Screenshot

Compliment Sandwich ๐Ÿ˜˜ Except, It’s a Sloppy Joe

If you’re looking for an RPG with new, nifty features, this is not the one. Crimson Gem Saga follows the traditional strengths of previous roleplaying games, including:

  • Turn-based battles that start by running into enemies on the dungeon screen
  • Standard level-ups with customizable, point-based talent trees
  • A “collect the artifacts” story, with thoroughly enjoyable plot twists
  • In-depth characters, complimented with full art and voice-over dialogue
  • A massive “bonus” dungeon available for scouring, filled with mouth-watering goodies

Crimson Gem SagaI can name dozens of games that meet the same quota. So why’s Crimson Gem Saga any different?

Because every aforementioned aspect is executed flawlessly. The developers took qualities we’ve all grown to love and enjoy, polished them into something fantastic, and released a gem [saga! haha!] to the masses.

If you like memorable characters, this seems like the game’s strongest quality. The interactions are hilarious, the voice actors do a fabulous job, and I can’t help but relate them to other characters I’ve adored. Even if you hardly pick up your PSPโ€”you’re more of a Dungeons and Dragons or World of Warcraft kind of gamerโ€”it’s impossible not to appreciate the personality archetypes each character brings to the table.

Crimson Gem Saga is also unique in its origination. While most of these classic RPGs originate in Japan, this is straight from IRONNOS in South Korea. It was first published as Astonishia Story 2 (for those that’ve played the American Astonishia Story), but when the Atlus worked their magic and brought it to the US, that’s when it was renamed Crimson Gem Saga. In Japan, it was released as Garnet Chronicle.

The only complaint is the music. Crimson Gem Saga isn’t lacking in musical composition, but it’s not the kind that sticks with you, like Chrono Crusade or Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. Even then though, the sound effects are thumbs up. You’ll hardly notice the soundtrack’s lackluster place in the background.

This game’s so thoroughly enjoyableโ€”a perfected, cliche RPGโ€”that I intend to pick it up on my iPad next. And how many games are worth owning multiple copies? Surely you can afford at least one.
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Explore ๐Ÿ’™ C.E.N. Treatment

I found a new DIY self-care project thanks to the video below. I’m not sure if it’d be a good DIY without at least a preliminary knowledge of psychology; but given I studied psychology for my first three years of college, I figure I got this.Famous last words.

Also, it’s not like prototyping a method for self-soothing is going to be harmful to an autistic person. Let’s be real here.

Watching Right Now ๐Ÿ’š Childhood Emotional Neglect

Listing ๐Ÿ’œ 7 Steps for Treatment

  1. Track your feelings;That’s what this blog is for;
  2. Describe the feeling;But don’t actually use the word for the feeling (the video has an example);
  3. Notice your needs;I struggle with defining this one because I feel like, no matter what, it’s too much;
  4. Practice self-care;This blog is also meant to track my progress in this category, thanks to the dashboard;
  5. List what makes you feel nurtured,This prompt scares the hell out of me… which is what I plan to do for my next post
  6. Accept help and support from others;UGHHHHHH
  7. Setting healthy boundaries.I can’t. I’m not allowed. That’s why I hide.

Watching Right Now โค Developmentally Arrested

But what happens when developmentally arresting traumas happen to someone with a developmental disorder? Because I connected with this video, then felt overwhelmed as soon as I considered the co-morbid complications.
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