Interview with Myself

One of the ways I like to free write myself towards answers is the self-inflicted interview—probing thoughts beneath the surface by directing my curiosity inward, rather than impose a sense of wonder solely on the external world. I haven’t done a self-inflicted interview in some time. Let’s see where it goes. Every conversation needs a … Read moreInterview with Myself

I 💙 Crimson Gem Saga 👾

I super-enjoyed reviving my two-year-old post from AWP LA ’16; so I’m going to continue reviving—or necromancing—old posts 2-3 times a month, until I reintegrate…or trash… my past ideas into my self-improvement dashboard. Necromancy 😎 New Sub-category Today, I’m reviving a review I wrote seven years ago for a video game that, at the … Read moreI 💙 Crimson Gem Saga 👾

I 💕🐲💕 Fantasy Genre

The other day, before bed, I tallied it up—and I wrote 7.5K words in a single day. In graduate school, I’d often pump out just as many words in a day, but that’s because I had this mindset, “This writing isn’t my best writing,” this mindset that I was just building blocks, exercises that lifted … Read moreI 💕🐲💕 Fantasy Genre

I 🖤 Brains

Braaaaaaains. Seriously, though. Love ’em. I think about what kinds of synapses are firing in the brains of other living things. I try to figure out why some people swear by the gardening practice of talking to plants. I’m fascinated by the mind-body-soul relationship. The more I read about brains, the more I feel confident, … Read moreI 🖤 Brains

Considering Reality

I’ve been thinking about the definition of reality again. 😳🤯😩 10 Questions to Aid the Search for Truth Some of the questions I’ve wrestled with… Why do some people believe “fake news” so readily? Why do some people choose to control the perceptions of others?—what human need drives us to control the external, even (always?) … Read moreConsidering Reality

I 💚 Patterns

In the spirit of Autism Awareness Month, I’m going to continue exploring my experiences on the spectrum. If you appreciate reading about these experiences, make sure to visit my other blog, Cleo’s Autism Awareness. Watching Right Now 💚 Patterns on the Brain Patterns are information. Information is just a patterned arrangement of particles. Says so in … Read moreI 💚 Patterns

35 Buckets to Kick

The following post is a free write. I will be documenting as many ideas as possible in five minutes. This bucket list isn’t limited to real-life experiences; in some cases, it may be better to explore the dream through the safety of a fictional character. publish a poetry collection publish a novel publish a novella … Read more35 Buckets to Kick

I 🖤 Music Videos

I love music videos. They help get me break negative thinking patterns, especially anxiety or depression triggered by my female identity, and they only take 3 to 5 minutes of my time. Watching Right Now 🖤 10 Music Videos 🖤 3 Celebrities 🖤 It’s important to 👀 watch 👀 music videos, I think—not merely click ▶, then go about your business … Read moreI 🖤 Music Videos