So there’s the choice in life:
One either grows, or one decays;
Grow or die—I think we should grow.

We either muster
the courage to go
Or we risk the possibility of stagnation and decay.

—Robert Zubrin

A World of Wonders

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Explore 😏 Human Behavior

✨Happy April Fools!✨ I’m not interested in fooling anyone this year, but click here for a fool’s joke, as an alternate way to celebrate the holiday. Every day should be a ing holiday.

Tomorrow is April 2nd, my 51st blog post. Now that I’ve reached 50 posts, tomorrow I’m sending shout-outs to my social media channels—but only once per channel per month, since there’s nothing more irritating than too much of a good thing. Except cats. I’ve found no ceiling on cat spam.

Also, since April is Autism Awareness Month, I’ve been blogging daily at, answering the question, “What’s it like to have autism?” With only personal anecdotal evidence to support my claims, I’m documenting my autistic experiences for 30 days, then later researching those claims, so you can:

  • see what my persuasive writing method looks like, from conceptualization through research; &
  • learn more about autism—hurray!

Visit Cleo’s Autism Awareness to read more, or continue on to learn about how I study human behavior to develop character…

Listing 👀 7 Ways to Zoom through Character

When you readOr hear. a story, you want the characters to be real. So authors study human behavior to try to emulate a realness—even if it’s not 21st century Earth reality, writing must convince you.

Here are 7 methods I use to study character before my daily fiction writing:

  1. What’s it like to be [community role]? This is person-to-person scale.
  2. Cultural study. This is person-to-community scale; it requires moderately zooming out.
  3. Setting as a character. This is person-to-world scale; it requires zooming enormously out.
  4. Collective unconscious. This is the person-to-universe scale; it requires zooming out as much as you can, well as zooming in as closely as possible. It’s wild.
  5. Body as a character. This is mind-body-spirit scale; it requires zooming in just a little bit, so that you separate one person into three parts.You can also split one person into two parts: conscious vs. unconscious, or the two hemispheres of the brain.
  6. Body as a galaxy. This is an acknowledgement of the limitless potential of a character. Works better for novels than novellas and short stories. When I decide to study character this intimately, I write a lot of dialogue with the character before bringing them on stage; I’d rather get to know them before we work together to create a scene.
  7. Family study. Another interesting way to develop character is to do a study on a family tree. For example, I’m fascinated by Ancient Egyptian pharaohs and the Tudors.

Here are three other examples to help illustrate this character study process.

Prewriting 😎 What’s It Like to Be a Therapist?

In the spirit of my first major,I was a psychology major for three years, but when I transferred from community college to university, I switched to an English major; this impulse decision changed the trajectory of my life. here’s an awesome video describing the process of becoming a therapist:

We need more mental health professionals, in wake of our mental health crisis; one out of four people in this country will experience some form of mental illness this year. The results are dire; the tenth leading cause of death in our society is suicide.

I plan on writing a novella with a therapist as the main character, so I can bring yet more attention to mental illness. The hard question is: cyberpunk or high elves?

Prewriting 😉 Cultural Study of Amish

Here’s some more research for novella writing: the Amish. I think no-tech spaces will expand in the future, so it’s good to be aware of the decisions the human race makes when living segregated from most 21st century innovations.

These desks, though (@5:12):

Is it a stock photo, or a representative image? Either way, the interdependence built within the desk structure is interesting. Also, they learn with a teacher until eighth grade, then they work on family, religious, and community activities in teenage.

Also, at sixteen years of age, they engage in a Rumspringa: a ritual where they expose themselves to the modern world. This is to help them understand whether or not they want to go through with adult baptism and live in an Amish community, or instead transition into 21st century living.

Prewriting 🤪 The Internet as a Character

What if the Internet turned into a superintelligent AI? What if this is a character humanity interacts with every day? These questions took me here:

I love his explanation of cognitive offloading at @1:30; he explains reliance without painting it dark. Also, keeping watching, because @8:00, he explains how our text message experiences are the first step towards our virtual reality experiences.
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April is Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month, and I intend to participate with a new 30-day Challenge: Cleo’s Autism Awareness, a blogI have another blog dedicated to my garden too, and a vacation couples blog I’ll be updating after Chase and I return from Hawai’i., where I’ll be writing daily blog posts answering the question, “What’s it like to have autism?”

It’ll be a lot of writing, but I have to go through a lot of writing anyway as part of climbing my way through Burnett’s & Evans’ book, Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life,…and given my Daily Word Challenges, I welcome writing projects.

My roommate is deathly allergic to cats. This is her first time petting one. She had a drunk lapse in judgment she will regret tomorrow. from r/CatGifs


Listing 💚 7 Autistic Traits that Enhance Life

    1. special interests


  • sensory sensitivity



  • emotional sensitivity



  • self-stimulating behavior



  • relationship with music



  • relationship with animals



  • hyperawareness of social-emotional filters




Listing 💔 7 Aspects of Autism that Complicate Life

    1. issues code switching between different social-emotional filters


  • social anxiety



  • anxiety attacks



  • obsessive-compulsive disorder



  • sensory sensitivity



  • clumsiness



  • my stomach




I sits where I fits and I lay where I may. That’s all cats say. from r/RedditInReddit


Prewriting 💔 3 Easy-to-Oops Micro-aggressions

  1. “Oh, but isn’t everyone wired a little neurodifferently?” This dismisses the unique challenges faced by autistic people, as well as people who suffer from other developmental disorders, brain injuries,…it’s like a white person saying, “Oh, yeah, people have hated on me because of my skin color, too.” One experience is pervasive, the other circumstantial.
  2. “Yeah, but you’re high function.” So are a lot of people on the spectrum who society labels as low function, except they aren’t properly supported with an autistic-designed environment. This also dismisses the unique challenges that sometimes render me low function.
  3. “Toughen up.” When an autistic person’s sharing experiences about pain—regardless of it’s physical or social-emotional pain—they are sharing experiences from the perspective of a brain with a sensitive nervous system. The synapses that determine the result of the particles firing off in your brain?—I experience those 🎶AMPED UP🎵, like my brain is loooud, like if your radio could only play at max volume, and you couldn’t crank down your windows, but if you did, oh 🦆ing well, because there’s a thunderstorm outside, ready to chuck hail in your face. And since I’m experiencing something fundamentally different from your perception of reality, it’s not really logical for you to suggest, “Toughen up.” Seriously, I am terrified of giving birth.

Prewriting 💚 3 Secret Doors into the Autistic Heart

  1. special interests, especially collection-based ones;
  2. shared rituals;
  3. an appreciation for their interpretation of the world—because as lonely as you feel, we often feel stranded on the wrong planet. 

Watching Right Now 💙 2018 Secret to Immortality

Remove the first ‘t’ from immortality and you get…

Assume the ancients knew something very basic about the world that we don’t know… The ancient Egyptians had their “mfkat,” a white bread, which was offered as gold to the gods…

He wants you to burn gold. Bhasma (ash), a fine white ash, the fiery process of tapas, spiritual evolution… Goodness. Well. That peculiarity aside, I kinda sorta wanna write ’bout Ancient Egypt.
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