Happy Easter

In addition to Happy April Fool’s Day— Happy Easter! In My Life Today 💘 More Writing Music! Between the tension in my family, Donald Trump as president, and the rollercoaster experience I had at McLane, I am not surprised in the slightest that Easter landed on April 1st. Rebirth day and fool’s day are overlapping for … Read moreHappy Easter

Word Challenge Update

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Anaheim to play board games with a few of my Orange CountyI grew up in Anaheim and Fullerton. friends: AshleyOne of my bridesmaids and best friends!, Ryan, Eric, and SteveAnd these guys are pretty awesome human beings, too.. I’m bringing an Amazon Warehouse Deals copy of Legacy Risk, “unopened” and a little beat-up … Read moreWord Challenge Update

Projects 🎈 Prewrites 🎈 Lists 🎈 Goals

Today, my goal is to write a 1000-word post. I normally target 250- to 500-word ranges, but I wanted to give myself room to stretch my legs and arms today, since I’m evaluating the blog design. Listing ⚓ Current Design 🏠 I made it to Chapter 2.5 before I had to re-frame (i.e., re-evaluate) my blog idea. … Read moreProjects 🎈 Prewrites 🎈 Lists 🎈 Goals