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Happy Easter

In addition to Happy April Fool’s Day—

Happy Easter!

In My Life Today 💘 More Writing Music!

Between the tension in my family, Donald Trump as president, and the rollercoaster experience I had at McLane, I am not surprised in the slightest that Easter landed on April 1st. Rebirth day and fool’s day are overlapping for 2018!

Listing 💦 7 Things ❣ This Week

  1. Ask a friend if it’s okay to e-mail them
  2. Write 30-45 blog posts in preparation for April
  3. Grade 12 essays
  4. Prepare 7 vocabulary assignments
  5. Prepare 3 rhetoric assignments
  6. Taxes for me and family
  7. Submit to 7 publicationsIt’s only Monday, and I’ve already completed 2 of my 7 submissions with 2 articles at and 3 poems at Alluvian.

Listing 💢 7 Bigger Things ❣ Next 5 Weeks

  1. Write a CYOA fanfiction plan for a subdomain blog
  2. Write science fiction and paranormal novellas, with long-term sights on the fantasy and magical realism novellas
  3. Grade many things, and track emotions during this process to find triggers of flow
  4. Prepare portfolio prompt for rhetoric class
  5. Prepare vocabulary exams for vocabulary class
  6. Daily to work towards the healthy mind and body I need to love my family properly
  7. Submit to 7 more publications, because success requires lots more failures

Listing 💟 7 Huge Things ❣ Next 5 Years

  1. Publish a novella series on Amazon Unlimited with the novels bursting out of my head, even if the income is meager.
  2. Maintain my self-improvement blog, while also tending a more intricate blogging schedule, such as…but not limited to…:
    • throughout the year, with a clean-up in February;
    • an autism awareness blog in April, to celebrate Autism Awareness Month;
    • a travel blog in August, to celebrate summer and the best month of the yearBirthday: August 2nd! Hurray!;
    • a gardening blog in September, with plans for next year’s backyard, so I have a place to play with my imagination, {tooltips}then several months of distance{end-text} …before the gardening work begins in February;{end-tooltip};
    • a CYOA fanfiction blogA subdomain of in November for National Blog Posting Month;
    • a secret project in December;
    • novella writing in January (Prep), March (Winter Release), May (Spring Release), July (Summer Release), and October (Autumn Release).
  3. Get married, have two kids, and maintain stable finances.
  4. Travel as a couple once every other year, then as a family every other year.
  5. Become multilingual, further exploring at least two of these languages: American Sign Language; Japanese; French; Russian; Mandarin; German; Sanskrit; Portuguese; and Spanish.
  6. Learn to play the flute well enough again to enjoy childhood video game music.
  7. Develop healthy habits for reading, writing, exercising, staying hydrated, and taking care of oral hygiene.

Once Upon a Time 🌸 Memory Bouquet
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Word Challenge Update

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Anaheim to play board games with a few of my Orange CountyI grew up in Anaheim and Fullerton. friends: AshleyOne of my bridesmaids and best friends!, Ryan, Eric, and SteveAnd these guys are pretty awesome human beings, too.. I’m bringing an Amazon Warehouse Deals copy of Legacy Risk, “unopened” and a little beat-up looking.

Super excited to see if I can rope everyone into playing it.

In My Life Today 💢 Word Challenge & Social Anxiety💦

On Wednesday, in order to meet my 3500-word goal, I had to addendum Tom Selleck’s Daily 150-word Challenge with a new rule, Editing counts as 30% word value—which worked out nicely, since I’d been meaning to incorporate editing into my daily writing practice, anyway.

And I did more editing yesterday and today, too.

Wednesday’s calculations, after edits (3500):

  • 1000 words of a 4-page handout for my Fresno City College rhetoric class;
  • 8000 words of editing my novella, after my evening lecture (30% value is 2,400 words);  &
  • 100 words of hand-writing plans and gratitude on stationary for the following day.

On Wednesday, I didn’t need to worry about feeding my agoraphobia too much, since I benefited from an enormous dose of healthy and interactive “community time” while teaching; I may be forced to mentor-pilot the ship sometimes, but when I can, I promote egalitarian discussion with my students, my opinion being only one of our many.

Thursday’s calculations, after edits (3650):

  • 700 words for the day’s blog post;
  • 650 words for Saturday’s blog post (written in advance);
  • 900 words for chapter seven of my novella;
  • 3000 words of editing this blog (~1,000 words value);
  • 100 words of hand-writing in a comp book for my Fresno City College rhetoric class;
  • 100 words of drafting a letter for Groupon;
  • 100 words of drafting an eulogy on tumblr; &
  • 100 words of hand-writing plans and gratitude on stationary for the following day.

On Thursday, to address my social anxiety, I also attended therapy; then I tried to visit a yoga studio, but no one was there when the class was supposed to start, and they weren’t ringing the doorbell. So instead, I took a half-mile walk to get a library card; I’d been meaning to get involved in the library for awhile, and I thought that would substitute my daily goals for self-care.

And here’s what I’m projecting today (3800):

  • 800 words for this blog post;
  • 700 words for Sunday’s blog post (written in advance);
  • 1000 words for chapter eight of my novella;
  • 3000 words of editing my novella (~1,000 words value);
  • 100  words of hand-writing in a comp book for my College of the Sequoias vocab class;
  • 100 words of chicken writing at my WordPress; &
  • 100 words of hand-writing plans and gratitude on stationary for the following day.

But I have two big responsibilities today, too: turn in my contracts at Fresno City College and College of the Sequoias; then set up my PlayStation4, so I can game with my sister a couple times as week as part of my social anxiety planI’m in the early stages of prototyping a daily social schedule to prevent myself from exacerbating agoraphobia..

Three points to note with the daily 150-word challenge so far:

  1. I cut it close yesterday because I morphed into a college professor for nine hours, planning, grading, and teaching; when I pack all those responsibilities into one day, it’s hard to do anything else.
  2. However, I was aware on Monday, then Tuesday, that Wednesday was going to look like 💩, and I opted out of doing any of my professor responsibilities ahead of time; so additional chunking, planning, and discipline may be necessary—thus the comp book plans above.
  3. If it had a bonus award for going an additional 1000 words above-and-beyond, this would probably up my productivity without any negative effects on motivation.

Watching Right Now 🌷 Pick-me-up 🌷

My sixteen-year-old cat, Philosopher Jones, is chilling on my desk right now, a mound of black fur and ears, the hairs between his toes tickling the edges of my keyboard, and he’s drool-purring.

Occasionally he rolls his head on the Enter key of the NumPad, and I have to scoot my keyboard over. Sometimes, when he does this, I have to put the keyboard in my lap, because there’s nowhere left to scoot; he’s a big cat, and he’s not afraid to sprawl.

But typing is no small feat when I’m writing on a wobbly stool.

Once Upon a Time 😻 The Origin of Philosopher Jones 🐱‍🚀

More than a decade ago, when I was 19 or 20 years old, my ex and I were walking through a Petco in Laguna Hills. We had cockatiels (which he hated) and lizards (which I was beginning to love), so we needed bird seed and crickets. But then they had cats lined up the aisles in cages, and one of the ones at ankle-level was marked declawed.

So I took Philosopher Jones and Loki home. Loki has passed on, and I miss him; yet Philo is still healthy as a horse, one of my best friends in the world, and as Chase and I always tell him, “Sixteen’s nothin’. We’re gonna make it to twenty!”
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Projects 🎈 Prewrites 🎈 Lists 🎈 Goals

Today, my goal is to write a 1000-word post. I normally target 250- to 500-word ranges, but I wanted to give myself room to stretch my legs and arms today, since I’m evaluating the blog design.

Listing ⚓ Current Design 🏠

I made it to Chapter 2.5 before I had to re-frame (i.e., re-evaluate) my blog idea. That’s pretty good, considering most of my ideas need to be resuscitated by the end of the first chapter. I have idea commitment issues.

I want to keep most of the design choices I made during the pre-write for “You♥ll Want to Read” (i.e.,, including…

Prewriting 🌝 Near-Future Schedule 🌚

For four months, my goal is to create a sanctuary of
blog categories that I can use to explore
other self-help, behavioral psychology, and DIY/how-to books.

 ♥ Project Goal #1: Blog ♥
♥ Start blog; update daily for 30-days; then update every 3 days till 333 posts. ♥

I read self-help literature all the time—the behavioral psychology genre is one of my lifelong learning hacksso it makes sense to build a seven-year-scaffolding structure to hold artifacts of my reading slash personal growth experiences.

Which leads me to the first of my three 2018 Self-Growth Goals:

♥ Self-Growth Goal #1: Self-Help Lit ♥
♥ Reduce depression by working on life design skills.

I’ll chart the development of my life skills on this blog by creation:

  • Two Review-based Categories for February: Prelude (responses to Designing Your Life, “Chapter 1: Start Where You Are”) & Philosophies (DYL, “2: Building a Compass”); &
  • One Self-reflection Category for February: Intermissions (mini reviews). Then,

For the second of my 2018 Project Goals:

♥ Project Goal #2: E-Novella ♥
♥ Start novella; update daily for 30 days; then update every 2 days till 30K-40K words. 

I’ll compose the rough draft of my cyborg (Aeia) & body shifter (Caelian) e-novella, (which explores meaningful decision-making,) while blushing glitterdust on the cheeks of “You♥ll Want to Read’s” preliminary design to increase my social media presence.

  • Two Review-based Categories for March: Projects (DYL, “3: Wayfinding”) & Problems (DYL, “4: Getting Unstuck”); &
  • One Self-reflection Category for March: Patch Notes (project revisions). Next,

For the third of my 2018 Project Goals, I’ll explore my fear of the dark with a void shifter (Malai’sunin) and futurist (Vay) at the helm of a shorter piece of fiction:

♥ Project Goal #3: E-Novelette ♥
Start novelette; update for 30 days; then continue updating daily till 12K-15K words. ♥

Meanwhile, I’ll also be working on more life design skills, including customized upgrades courtesy of Yu-kai Chou’s Actionable Gamification:

Self-Growth Goal #2: Gamification ♥
Increase satisfaction by improving on life design skills. 

  • Five Review-based Categories for April: Odyssey Quests (DYL, “5: Design Your Lives”), Monthly Quests (DYL, “6: Prototyping”), Imitations (DYL, “7: How Not to Get a Job”), Daily Quests (DYL, “8: Designing Your Dream Job”), Codes (DYL, “9: Choosing Happiness”); &
  • Two Self-reflection Categories for April: Brainstorms (pre-writing) & Missions (activism). Then,
  • Two Review-based Categories for May: Innovations (DYL, “10: Failure Immunity”) & Operations (DYL, “11: Building a Team”); &
  • One Self-reflection Category for May: Endgames (DYL, “Conclusion” & end 2018 book review).

The last of my goals, ♥ Self-Growth Goal #3: Gardening ♥I’ll pre-write at a later late.

Prewriting 🚨 Known Errors 🚧

Pacing. I may have gone in-the-house-all-day-crazy and triggered Patch Notes early.

Day & Night Jobs. I am beyond grateful for my adjunct professorships at Fresno City College and College of the Sequoias, because Fresno Unified has had me at home for a month, with very little contact—barring the Americans Disabilities Act, meeting two weeks ago—despite reaching out twice since then.

My internal clock has gone for a loop. I missed a regularly schedule doctor’s appointment.

Other than that one appointment, I’ve done everything I’m meant to do in this process, including regular mental health visits, anti-depressants, and sincere attempts at self-care and growth.

And the people of Fresno Unified are probably doing everything they can, too. It’s not that any negligence or maliciousness is happening, so much as district-sized companies move like the Final Fantasy IV Giant of Babil when trying to navigate sensitive situations.

Story Idea: Oooh. I’ve been meaning to write a retelling of the Tower of Babel… ♥

But this is why I believe independent artists should have a day job and a night job; having both not only doubles the amount of goodwill I can provide my community, it gives me a fallback when real life happens.

And real life happened.

In My Life Today 🚲 Change of Pace 🏍

I took on an 80-hour-a-week career with negative-minded direct management, legal documents I’d received little time to digest (when I’m obviously a slow-bake learner)—then I was given even less time to reproduce those legal documents, while my direct management tripled the rate of pending IEPs I originally had, either as a) best case scenario, an act of randomness, or b) worst case scenario, a reaction to my fuss about my anxiety

…all in a high school special education department that didn’t think to provide accommodations to their autistic, emergency-credentialed, new-to-K-12 recruit until I was clocking in 1-3 on-the-job anxiety attacks per week…


It was a jumbled event, of no fault to no one other than the fumbled workings of a bumbled system.

Now I wait to hear back. Patience is a virtue, and a good life requests I wait.

At first, in the bone-aching, nerve-wracked anxiety and depression I found myself in, I didn’t think I’d stick to my 30-Day Challenge: Posting once per day on “You♥ll Want to Read,” my self-improvement book review (& mini-review) blog, to keep myself connected into the idea of healing;

♥ And I still need to outline the parameters of 30-Day Challenges ♥ Maybe next post… ♥

But I’m the third week today, with 1 day left in the month, and I’m feeling good. I’m already feeling much better than I did at the beginning of this 30-Day Challenge, and the near-future design still feels mighty lovely. I can see lights in the eyes of depression’s shadowbeasts again.

The Far Future Schedule

I had a far future design, too, and that’s where I want to make most of my modifications.

But first, the blueprint…

After a two-month break in June and July—because Chase and & I are getting married and honeymooning then, YEEEEEEAAAH!I’ll return to “You♥ll Want to Read” with a shifted lens:

  • Instead of reviewing longer prose—i.e., a self-help book—for four months,
  • I’ll review shorter prose—i.e., Internet articles, creative nonfiction essays, & short stories—for four months, while exploring a self-help-related theme.

So from August till the end of the year, the blueprint looks something like:

  • One Review-based Category for August: Social Breaks (awareness-based website reviews);
  • One Self-reflection Category for August: Social Connections (blog article exchanges); &
  • One Entrepreneurial Grok for August: Amazon Associates Program. Then,
  • Who knows? Flesh out more.

Prewriting 🚙 Additional Features 🚗

The current design could include a few project-wide design choices as well, such as:

  • Blog tags are used to differentiate between different writing forms (& different writing forms are used so I can prototype blogging styles for future projects);
  • Different writing forms are used 2-3 times per blog post to differentiate content (& differentiated content is used so I can re-frame the same ideas in new angles);
  • Writer games are embedded into the drafting process, such as Target Wordsand 3×7 Project as a case study for gamification of writing assignments; results may impact future writing instruction.

Listening to Now 👁‍🗨 Music for Discovery 🧠
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