The Voice of Procrastination

Today (and on other Saturdays) I update American Catseye and Forfeit Island, two of my shorter pieces. And I haven’t gotten around to completing those writing tasks yet. I’ve had Saturdays where I add to both projects in under 500 words. So I’m not sure why I procrastinate them. Maybe it has to do with the fact it’s a … Read moreThe Voice of Procrastination

On Solomon’s “Depression, the secret we share”

I felt a funeral in my brain. I, in silence, some strange race, wrecked—solitary here… I fell down, and down, and hit a world at every plunge. When Solomon explains, “We know depression through metaphors,” he is explaining why depression is more common among artistic types. At least for me, art came as an outlet, … Read moreOn Solomon’s “Depression, the secret we share”

Artificial Intelligence Necessitates Universal Basic Income

Artificial intelligence (AI) will make universal basic income (UBI) necessary. We won’t have a choice but convert to UBI in response to a surge of technological abundance—cheap materialism—unless we like the idea of collapsing, not unlike the Roman Empire, under the future’s massive, inevitable, and curiously clown-shaped foot. I know that sounds like an exaggerated … Read moreArtificial Intelligence Necessitates Universal Basic Income

AI in the 2018 Budding Family Household

Chase and are getting married this year. We plan on having kids after that. We’re already buying the occasional children’s book. 🤖 Now let’s talk about artificial intelligence! Sometimes I watch the Roomba, grateful for AI. Then I see it hover over a spot on the ground for a too-long time, and I tense up. … Read moreAI in the 2018 Budding Family Household

Explore 💙 That Part of the Internet

I don’t feel like you should call for people to do things to benefit this planet unless you’re doing what you can to help our little blue dot, too. Inactive supporters of an idea are just as difficult a challenge for humanity to conquer as active ignorance; two sides of the same coin. I like … Read moreExplore 💙 That Part of the Internet

Existential Crises Whirlpool

This’ll be my last post tonight, before I lay my head to sleep, so in my dreams, my good thoughts I hope to keep ⭐🌟🌠🌝🌔🌪🌩🌛🌚🌞☀☄ ½ Fiction 💙 The World is Not This Cruel This is a dog-eat-dog world, and we are the ones trying to stop everyone from eating dogs. That’s how Mom raised … Read moreExistential Crises Whirlpool

When I Can’t Find Words

When I can’t find my words,—when Chase can’t find his words—it’s not so much that I think we suffer from selective mutism, as it makes me think about other disorders that may or may not share neurological processes with the mysteries I’m trying to solve about our brains… and that puts selective mutism on my … Read moreWhen I Can’t Find Words

Explore ❓ Resources

Talking about money makes me uncomfortable. 🤢 Listing 🤮 Why Does Money Scare Me? My mom threatens me with taking away financial support if she’s mad, but offers financial support if she’s happy; Since childhood, my mom and aunt have persistently reminded me to be grateful for all the money my mom spends on me, … Read moreExplore ❓ Resources

100 ❔ to Ask 5❌

I love using the five W’s, so today I wanted to create a list of questions I ought to ask myself once a year, based on questions I’ve had to answer before; then after 5 years of answering the questions in this list, I can compare-contrast the data to see: where I’m located, what changes … Read more100 ❔ to Ask 5❌

How 🐋 Will I Introduce My Blog❔

I love the idea of introducing this website like it’s coming out of the belly of the whale, like I’m flying out of the 🌌 blowhole of depressionGood idea here for a poem or short story. Or nature essay, even. 🌌, like I’ve reclaimed who I am and brought some coherency back to my workview-lifeview, … Read moreHow 🐋 Will I Introduce My Blog❔