Workview, Preface; 🤙 Mentor Mind 🤗

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I’ve been teaching for five years now: two years at Fresno State (14-15); three years as an adjunct professor in the State Center Community College District …

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Projects 🎈 Prewrites 🎈 Lists 🎈 Goals

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Today, my goal is to write a 1000-word post. I normally target 250- to 500-word ranges, but I wanted to give myself room to stretch my …

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In Designing Your Life by Burnett & Evans, they write about bringing your Workview and Lifeview to the table to establish coherency: A coherent life is one lived …


I 💚 Kindle Unlimited

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I’m a huge e-book fan. I’ve been re-e-reading Designing Your Life thanks to my Kindle Composition Book, as well as indulging in a never-ending bounty of self-help books …

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Lifeview ☝ Dear Adventurer 🤸‍♀️

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Serious talk, though: You become, neurologically, what you think. —Nicholas Carr Poetry is Safer than Home 💌 Dear Adventurer 💟 The darker you go into the night, …


Workview, Preface I 👋 In the Beginning

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When waterfalls cascade down slanted rocks—and slant the rocks further with pressure, pressure, Almighty Gravity—do the shifts in the cascading water, (once the rocks slant down …


I 💓 Dance Dance Revolution

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I used to DDR Hottest Party on Wii. I had the metal pad and everything. My metal pad has since died… but I added a new, better tech …