Existential Crises Whirlpool

This’ll be my last post tonight, before I lay my head to sleep, so in my dreams, my good thoughts I hope to keep ⭐🌟🌠🌝🌔🌪🌩🌛🌚🌞☀☄ ½ Fiction 💙 The World is Not This Cruel This is a dog-eat-dog world, and we are the ones trying to stop everyone from eating dogs. That’s how Mom raised … Read moreExistential Crises Whirlpool

Explore 🍃 Nature Writing

In graduate school, I took a literature class with John Hales called Nature & Spiritual Essays. While Connie Hales was my thesis chair, and undoubtedly the writer who most affected my aesthetic, John Hales’ class truly helped me reframe the world, at a microbiological to astronomical scale. I’ve been meaning to explore nature writing again, … Read moreExplore 🍃 Nature Writing

Explore ❓ Technology

Here I’m planning world domination a social media strategy,—which is like developing a way to socialize in a completely virtual, information-based world—and I’ve yet to explore my relationship with technology in writing. This may be why I’m writing a science fiction novella. My craving to explore this virtual conceptualization of the world is about ready to … Read moreExplore ❓ Technology

What is Consciousness❓

Seriously though, how cool would it be to get a PhD in philosophy, then publish some mind-blowing theory of consciousness that helps physicists upgrade quantum theories to the Theory of Everything? Wouldn’t that just be all like: Watching Right Now ♿ What is Consciousness? 🕸 You’re going to need an hour before you watch this one. … Read moreWhat is Consciousness❓

Emoticons about Grading, Part II ✌

I’m still learning how to use the emoticon keyboard on my PC. Not sure why I’m not just writing my blog posts on my iPad Pro. 21st century problems. It’s been raining frequently. I wanted to plant loofah seeds today, but I didn’t get around to it yet, and I’ve already bathed. I leave in … Read moreEmoticons about Grading, Part II ✌

I 💙 Aquariums

We have three aquariums now. If Chase seals the leak in the fourth one, I’ll grow plants in it, and maybe, eventually, introduce betta fish sorority; or I could finally try those cute ruby shrimp. ½ Truth, ½ Fiction 🐠 An Aquarium Story 🦐 I’m losing-my-mind excited about a third fish tank I bought on a … Read moreI 💙 Aquariums

In the Beginning 🐣 I LiveJournaled

edited 2 April 18 Back in the ’00s, like many now-eldering millenials, I made a LiveJournal. With a LiveJournal’s Internet superpowers, I could broadcast our generation’s voice to the public. We were angry at this, high-fiving about that—flexing the muscles of what the Internet’s all about— Stranger-danger connections. Netiquette. Cats. 😎I may dramatize a little.🎭 … Read moreIn the Beginning 🐣 I LiveJournaled