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How 🐋 Will I Introduce My Blog❔

I love the idea of introducing this website like it’s coming out of the belly of the whale, like I’m flying out of the 🌌 blowhole of depressionGood idea here for a poem or short story. Or nature essay, even. 🌌, like I’ve reclaimed who I am and brought some coherency back to my workview-lifeview, so I can get on to bigger problems,

🐳 bigger things like projects.RAWWWRRRRRRR LEO ROAR SMASH WIN FOR EBERY1!!1! 🐳

Listing 💙 31 Ways to Shout-out My Blog

The idea with this list is that, in April, I create a daily social media rotation that involves one shout-out per month per feed, so I’m never bombarding my family, friends, or niche fans;

Or alternatively, I engage in good ol’ “just go somewhere, be nice to people, and ask to interview them for your blog” method… after all, I’m going to have to interview for DYL anyway. Interviews are on the event horizon, ready to rip my atoms off my 😱 face.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. YouTube
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Etsy
  6. Reddit
  7. Twitter
  8. Tumblr
  9. LiveJournal (i.e., other blogs)
  10. Amazon
  11. Goodreads
  12. PicsArt
  13. RPG Maker
  14. Nintendo Mii
  15. PlayStation Network
  16. Pinterest
  17. Poetry Publication
  18. Short Story Publication
  19. Article Exchange (Bored Panda?)
  20. Art Card Exchange
  21. Postcrossing
  22. LiveJournal
  23. Steampowered
  24. Blizzard games (Hearthstone?) and Twitch
  25. Yelp
  26. Steller
  27. DeviantArt
  28. Wattpad
  30. Digg
  31. Google+

🍑 Upgrade this idea! 🍑 This would no doubt work best if it was also supplemented with monthly, weekly, and/or daily “non-shout” or quiet posts on all these media fees, too.I could do 2 daily “non-shouts” for Insta-Tumblr, 7 weekly “non-shouts” for the third daily Twitter-Goodreads-PicsArt-Reddit-Pinterest-Facebook-Amazon review, and the remaining 11, I’d update monthly…?

✨ Upcycle Idea ✨ Purchase two 2018 calendars,Calendars were on sale at Barnes and Noble and the paper store? There’s also Amazon… then use markers to color in the logos for all the social media on each calendar. One calendar represents “shout-outs,” while the other represents “non-shouts” for monthly posts. Hang the calendars on the bathroom door,One above the other?, or instead make them a book, then try out the idea with a trial run in April. Still update Instagram daily.

✨ Make it Digital ✨ Since PicsArt comes with a 2018 calendar frame,It’s probably easier to use that feature on my iPad than my iPhone, if it comes to this… I make my own calendar digitally, then plaster it on my computer as my wallpaper.Another advantage of this idea is I can share the calendar on this blog, too… Although I can do that with the paper upcycle method: just take photos.

Prewriting 🤮 What Do I Want People to Get?

What’s the purpose of this blog? What do I want readers to get from reading about my Designing Your Life journey? How could I extend that journey to others? Why would I want to extend that journey out to others? Shouldn’t I just extend it one person at a time, carefully, mindfully? Is quantity truly greater than quality? If one human being improved the lives of three human beings, wouldn’t we all improve significantly? Is it time to show DYL to Chase, or should I instead focus on my personal journey? What about another reread of the Kindle book? What about purchasing a paper copy of the book? What do I want people to get after I’m done reviewing DYL? What do you make of this sequin bunny rabbit with a squirrel mug next to it?

Why did I maintain my love for glitter and sequins, when so many others grew out of this joy?

Meaning Making 👌 3 Essential Questions

  • If I could create any reality, which would I create?—and don’t I have that creative power in this safe space called a blog?
  • How can this blog support my writing?—because what I truly want to share with others… stories. 😉
  • Could my treatment plans and/or projects become bridges for others to cross as they move from depression and/or anxiety to happier lives?—and if my methods could help someone else recover from these illnesses—to live joyfully on the spectrumOr off the spectrum… neurotypicals are welcome, too, if you must embrace typicalness!—how do I share them?
Do you enjoy
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Word Challenge Update

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Anaheim to play board games with a few of my Orange CountyI grew up in Anaheim and Fullerton. friends: AshleyOne of my bridesmaids and best friends!, Ryan, Eric, and SteveAnd these guys are pretty awesome human beings, too.. I’m bringing an Amazon Warehouse Deals copy of Legacy Risk, “unopened” and a little beat-up looking.

Super excited to see if I can rope everyone into playing it.

In My Life Today 💢 Word Challenge & Social Anxiety💦

On Wednesday, in order to meet my 3500-word goal, I had to addendum Tom Selleck’s Daily 150-word Challenge with a new rule, Editing counts as 30% word value—which worked out nicely, since I’d been meaning to incorporate editing into my daily writing practice, anyway.

And I did more editing yesterday and today, too.

Wednesday’s calculations, after edits (3500):

  • 1000 words of a 4-page handout for my Fresno City College rhetoric class;
  • 8000 words of editing my novella, after my evening lecture (30% value is 2,400 words);  &
  • 100 words of hand-writing plans and gratitude on stationary for the following day.

On Wednesday, I didn’t need to worry about feeding my agoraphobia too much, since I benefited from an enormous dose of healthy and interactive “community time” while teaching; I may be forced to mentor-pilot the ship sometimes, but when I can, I promote egalitarian discussion with my students, my opinion being only one of our many.

Thursday’s calculations, after edits (3650):

  • 700 words for the day’s blog post;
  • 650 words for Saturday’s blog post (written in advance);
  • 900 words for chapter seven of my novella;
  • 3000 words of editing this blog (~1,000 words value);
  • 100 words of hand-writing in a comp book for my Fresno City College rhetoric class;
  • 100 words of drafting a letter for Groupon;
  • 100 words of drafting an eulogy on tumblr; &
  • 100 words of hand-writing plans and gratitude on stationary for the following day.

On Thursday, to address my social anxiety, I also attended therapy; then I tried to visit a yoga studio, but no one was there when the class was supposed to start, and they weren’t ringing the doorbell. So instead, I took a half-mile walk to get a library card; I’d been meaning to get involved in the library for awhile, and I thought that would substitute my daily goals for self-care.

And here’s what I’m projecting today (3800):

  • 800 words for this blog post;
  • 700 words for Sunday’s blog post (written in advance);
  • 1000 words for chapter eight of my novella;
  • 3000 words of editing my novella (~1,000 words value);
  • 100  words of hand-writing in a comp book for my College of the Sequoias vocab class;
  • 100 words of chicken writing at my WordPress; &
  • 100 words of hand-writing plans and gratitude on stationary for the following day.

But I have two big responsibilities today, too: turn in my contracts at Fresno City College and College of the Sequoias; then set up my PlayStation4, so I can game with my sister a couple times as week as part of my social anxiety planI’m in the early stages of prototyping a daily social schedule to prevent myself from exacerbating agoraphobia..

Three points to note with the daily 150-word challenge so far:

  1. I cut it close yesterday because I morphed into a college professor for nine hours, planning, grading, and teaching; when I pack all those responsibilities into one day, it’s hard to do anything else.
  2. However, I was aware on Monday, then Tuesday, that Wednesday was going to look like 💩, and I opted out of doing any of my professor responsibilities ahead of time; so additional chunking, planning, and discipline may be necessary—thus the comp book plans above.
  3. If it had a bonus award for going an additional 1000 words above-and-beyond, this would probably up my productivity without any negative effects on motivation.

Watching Right Now 🌷 Pick-me-up 🌷

My sixteen-year-old cat, Philosopher Jones, is chilling on my desk right now, a mound of black fur and ears, the hairs between his toes tickling the edges of my keyboard, and he’s drool-purring.

Occasionally he rolls his head on the Enter key of the NumPad, and I have to scoot my keyboard over. Sometimes, when he does this, I have to put the keyboard in my lap, because there’s nowhere left to scoot; he’s a big cat, and he’s not afraid to sprawl.

But typing is no small feat when I’m writing on a wobbly stool.

Once Upon a Time 😻 The Origin of Philosopher Jones 🐱‍🚀

More than a decade ago, when I was 19 or 20 years old, my ex and I were walking through a Petco in Laguna Hills. We had cockatiels (which he hated) and lizards (which I was beginning to love), so we needed bird seed and crickets. But then they had cats lined up the aisles in cages, and one of the ones at ankle-level was marked declawed.

So I took Philosopher Jones and Loki home. Loki has passed on, and I miss him; yet Philo is still healthy as a horse, one of my best friends in the world, and as Chase and I always tell him, “Sixteen’s nothin’. We’re gonna make it to twenty!”
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Ignore the One-Star Reviews

So far I’ve succeeded with Tom Selleck’s Daily 150-word Challenge, although yesterday, I cut it close.

As much as I struggled balancing grading this week, my rhetoric class was awesome as usual. I say it every semester, but 🤣 this is the best college English class I’ve had so far; I’m so damn lucky! 🤩 

I’m not sure why I ever let anyone convince me, I ought to be teaching anything other than community college composition… and I’m never teaching more than 2-3 classes a semester again either, because two semesters ago, I felt so overwhelmed and underappreciated… but by whom?

Everyone at the college treats me kindly.

In My Life Today 😥 Family Anxiety 😭

I think I felt underappreciated by family. By my shadow. By too many conversations I took too deep to heart. Judged, in wanting. I grew so paranoid of opinions that didn’t matter, I forgot the love of teaching in moderation, with teacher autonomy, in Tower District and Visalia.

I let teaching spiral into an all-consuming dreadnought, until I was hiding under my high school teacher desk during lunch break, eating peanut butter and jelly, rocking quietly.

In therapy today, I elaborated more on the tension within my family; the struggles of being a first-generation college graduate; how my parents are proud, and supportive too, but I know that’s not the overall family consensus; and I fear aunts, uncles, and grandparents, the pressure they’ll put on me, the pressure I know they put on my mom and dad, negative-thinking people who will be at my wedding, who like to wrinkle their noses at me or anyone else “walking away from a good-paying job,” who don’t believe I have autism, who think mental illness is about sucking it up breh, the kind of family who point forks at one another during Christmas dinner to say, “Now dun you talk about Obama Effects right now. Kourtnie likes him.

They love me. I love them. But I haven’t learned to leave it at that. I’m continuously ripped apart on the inside by the differences between them and me, by the thin, perilous sinew of DNA that connects us.

Lifeview 🤓 Ignore the One-Star Reviews 🤫

My therapist is a high-spirited man who starts my session five minutes late, then runs our conversation seven minutes over; we always exchange, “How’s your day so far,” then he sits like a cloud, and I bumble into a couch with a cup of tea.

He’s usually smiling or considering things, as I shamble together loose strings and threads, creating awfully organized stories about life—from my last week to last ten years to the last meal I ate and why—until I exhaust myself; then, when I’ve finally nothing left to give, and I’m crying about someone who matches my DNA, I wait for him to sift pieces around in his head. He always offers questions I hadn’t considered before, and this is why I come back.

Today he asked, “You like Amazon Reviews?”

Yes, of course. I told him about the review assignment I assign students in my rhetoric class.

“Which reviews do you normally read?”

I answered:

  • Five-star reviews, because I like to feel good;
  • Four-and-three-star reviews, because I want an honest opinion with pluses and minuses, written by someone who thinks like me;
  • Funny reviews, and I try to spread the word about them, because laughter;
  • And I follow people if I like their reviews, so that I can see what they have to say about future books or assorted trinkets they buy on Amazon.

He asked about the one-star reviews. Naturally, those are only meant for nerd-raging, right? I would give this zero stars if I could!!1! They’re too Negative Nancy to warrant reading.

Yet this is what I do with my family. I listen to the Negative Nancying. Ugh.

Every therapy session, we talk about different solutions to issues, compare-contrasting situations to metaphors, fables, good books. I like the predictable structure, the spirals that leads to ideas obfuscated until now.

Listening to Now 🙉 Sci-fi Novella 🙈 Chapter 7 🙊

This YouTube not only lulls with 3 hours of gentle music, it plays beautiful natural imagery, so I can glance at my other monitor for inspiration. The woodlands and rivers dramatically impacted the setting in the seventh chapter of my novella mss.
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