How 🐋 Will I Introduce My Blog❔

I love the idea of introducing this website like it’s coming out of the belly of the whale, like I’m flying out of the 🌌 blowhole of depressionGood idea here for a poem or short story. Or nature essay, even. 🌌, like I’ve reclaimed who I am and brought some coherency back to my workview-lifeview, … Read moreHow 🐋 Will I Introduce My Blog❔

Word Challenge Update

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Anaheim to play board games with a few of my Orange CountyI grew up in Anaheim and Fullerton. friends: AshleyOne of my bridesmaids and best friends!, Ryan, Eric, and SteveAnd these guys are pretty awesome human beings, too.. I’m bringing an Amazon Warehouse Deals copy of Legacy Risk, “unopened” and a little beat-up … Read moreWord Challenge Update

Ignore the One-Star Reviews

So far I’ve succeeded with Tom Selleck’s Daily 150-word Challenge, although yesterday, I cut it close. As much as I struggled balancing grading this week, my rhetoric class was awesome as usual. I say it every semester, but 🤣 this is the best college English class I’ve had so far; I’m so damn lucky! 🤩  I’m not sure … Read moreIgnore the One-Star Reviews

In the Beginning 🐣 I LiveJournaled

edited 2 April 18 Back in the ’00s, like many now-eldering millenials, I made a LiveJournal. With a LiveJournal’s Internet superpowers, I could broadcast our generation’s voice to the public. We were angry at this, high-fiving about that—flexing the muscles of what the Internet’s all about— Stranger-danger connections. Netiquette. Cats. 😎I may dramatize a little.🎭 … Read moreIn the Beginning 🐣 I LiveJournaled