2018 Books

I set a goal to read 24 books in a year, and I didn’t quite make it there, although I was very close—20 completed books—and 4 unfinished ones, marked with an asterisk (*) in the lists below. Nonfiction The End of Night* Bogard ♥ nature ♥ darkness ♥ philosophy The Joy of X* Strogatz ♥ mathematics ♥ … Read more2018 Books

Today’s Blog, Social Media, & Wattpad Updates

Today started with gardening—a lot of gardening. We were out there for two plus hours, pruning and fine-tuning plants. I’m going to write more about it on My Quest for Chicken next week, after I have a chance to see what lives and dies. Suspenseful! I also cleaned Peri’s 5g minibow today. Yesterday, Chase and I teamed … Read moreToday’s Blog, Social Media, & Wattpad Updates

Explore 🤖 Quantum Stuff

When I’m processing emotions, it helps to focus on my special interests. So when the sky is falling, there’s nothing like studying something I know next to nothing about, yet I find unbearably interesting, like quantum physics. By focusing on science, I can zoom out of my body, away from my family anxieties, and into … Read moreExplore 🤖 Quantum Stuff

35 Buckets to Kick

The following post is a free write. I will be documenting as many ideas as possible in five minutes. This bucket list isn’t limited to real-life experiences; in some cases, it may be better to explore the dream through the safety of a fictional character. publish a poetry collection publish a novel publish a novella … Read more35 Buckets to Kick

Trip to AWP LA 2016, Part VI

In these final two restoration posts from AWP LA ’16, my graduate school self listed answers to questions at a book review panel. Some of the answers are keenly interesting. I hope you enjoy it! Visit tomorrow for the second half of my AWP LA ’16 notes from the book review panel. Listing 💙 Reviews … Read moreTrip to AWP LA 2016, Part VI

Explore 👾 Video Games

I’ve a mind to explore many video games, critically analyzing their subliminal messagesAnd sometimes, their obvious shouting… on society, science, and love. But writing about a game every day would be exhausting. So this isn’t a good 30-day Challenge. When the new toys finally come in 🙂 from r/CatGifs Prewriting Instead I’ve devised 7 lists … Read moreExplore 👾 Video Games

Explore 🍃 Nature Writing

In graduate school, I took a literature class with John Hales called Nature & Spiritual Essays. While Connie Hales was my thesis chair, and undoubtedly the writer who most affected my aesthetic, John Hales’ class truly helped me reframe the world, at a microbiological to astronomical scale. I’ve been meaning to explore nature writing again, … Read moreExplore 🍃 Nature Writing

100 ❔ to Ask 5❌

I love using the five W’s, so today I wanted to create a list of questions I ought to ask myself once a year, based on questions I’ve had to answer before; then after 5 years of answering the questions in this list, I can compare-contrast the data to see: where I’m located, what changes … Read more100 ❔ to Ask 5❌

How 🐋 Will I Introduce My Blog❔

I love the idea of introducing this website like it’s coming out of the belly of the whale, like I’m flying out of the 🌌 blowhole of depressionGood idea here for a poem or short story. Or nature essay, even. 🌌, like I’ve reclaimed who I am and brought some coherency back to my workview-lifeview, … Read moreHow 🐋 Will I Introduce My Blog❔

Projects 🎈 Prewrites 🎈 Lists 🎈 Goals

Today, my goal is to write a 1000-word post. I normally target 250- to 500-word ranges, but I wanted to give myself room to stretch my legs and arms today, since I’m evaluating the blog design. Listing ⚓ Current Design 🏠 I made it to Chapter 2.5 before I had to re-frame (i.e., re-evaluate) my blog idea. … Read moreProjects 🎈 Prewrites 🎈 Lists 🎈 Goals