Happy Easter

In addition to Happy April Fool’s Day— Happy Easter! In My Life Today 💘 More Writing Music! Between the tension in my family, Donald Trump as president, and the rollercoaster experience I had at McLane, I am not surprised in the slightest that Easter landed on April 1st. Rebirth day and fool’s day are overlapping for … Read moreHappy Easter

I 🖤 Music Videos

I love music videos. They help get me break negative thinking patterns, especially anxiety or depression triggered by my female identity, and they only take 3 to 5 minutes of my time. Watching Right Now 🖤 10 Music Videos 🖤 3 Celebrities 🖤 It’s important to 👀 watch 👀 music videos, I think—not merely click ▶, then go about your business … Read moreI 🖤 Music Videos

Explore ❓ Resources

Talking about money makes me uncomfortable. 🤢 Listing 🤮 Why Does Money Scare Me? My mom threatens me with taking away financial support if she’s mad, but offers financial support if she’s happy; Since childhood, my mom and aunt have persistently reminded me to be grateful for all the money my mom spends on me, … Read moreExplore ❓ Resources

I 💚 Beyonce

While listening to a feel good playlist, courtesy of the magic of YouTube, I came across this classic… Listening to Now 💜 Run the World ✨ In Orange County, on the border of Fullerton and Anaheim, growing up in the 1980s and 90s, I was still raised to believe women were meant to be demure; submissive; feminism was … Read moreI 💚 Beyonce