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Talking about money makes me uncomfortable. 🤢 Listing 🤮 Why Does Money Scare Me? My mom threatens me with taking away financial support if she’s mad, …


I 💘 YouTube, Part II

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In the interest of further exploring my experience with Fresno Unified, as well as add another dimension to my definition of quitting, I decided to analyze …


Workview, Preface; 🤙 Mentor Mind 🤗

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I’ve been teaching for five years now: two years at Fresno State (14-15); three years as an adjunct professor in the State Center Community College District …

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Lifeview ☝ Dear Adventurer 🤸‍♀️

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Serious talk, though: You become, neurologically, what you think. —Nicholas Carr Poetry is Safer than Home 💌 Dear Adventurer 💟 The darker you go into the night, …


Workview, Preface I 👋 In the Beginning

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When waterfalls cascade down slanted rocks—and slant the rocks further with pressure, pressure, Almighty Gravity—do the shifts in the cascading water, (once the rocks slant down …

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I 💙 Blogs, Part II 🙌

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I need to go back. I need to return to the writing. To the beginning. So, cheers, Dear Reader— Here’s to celebrating that all our thoughts really, really …


💙 Welcome to My Blogosphere 💙

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updated 2 April 18 I always love blogging about what’s happening in my life. Helps me sort 😱💩🤬 out. For instance, I’m writing 300 to 1000 …