Outlines for Writing in a Childhood Universe; & Creating a Universe Unto My Own

Today I took a day off from—well, writing anything but this post—in light of the other exciting other facets of the day: It’s Saturday, My double-downed one-week challenges at Wyvia ended yesterday, and I’m still riding the “I’m awesome, I made a thing, I never have to make a thing again” wave, We couldn’t get … Read moreOutlines for Writing in a Childhood Universe; & Creating a Universe Unto My Own

Trip to AWP LA 2016, Part III

The last two days, I’ve been working on a restoration project on an old post from 2016, when I attended AWP LA ’16. Today and tomorrow, I’m continuing that project. April 18th should be my final restoration post for the month. It’s been a fun project; I’m hoping to refine this writing recycle process more! … Read moreTrip to AWP LA 2016, Part III

April is Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month, and I intend to participate with a new 30-day Challenge: Cleo’s Autism Awareness, a WordPress.org blogI have another WordPress.org blog dedicated to my garden too, and a vacation couples blog I’ll be updating after Chase and I return from Hawai’i., where I’ll be writing daily blog posts answering the question, “What’s … Read moreApril is Autism Awareness Month

Explore 🔬 Values of Heroes

I’ve been thinking about geniuses lately, about the advice our great ones give us, about how we choose celebrities based upon value systems that might not be in our best interest, and some of the quotes that have popped out during my search are below… Reframing 💟 A Poetry Project on Genius Perhaps I could make … Read moreExplore 🔬 Values of Heroes

Explore ❓ Resources

Talking about money makes me uncomfortable. 🤢 Listing 🤮 Why Does Money Scare Me? My mom threatens me with taking away financial support if she’s mad, but offers financial support if she’s happy; Since childhood, my mom and aunt have persistently reminded me to be grateful for all the money my mom spends on me, … Read moreExplore ❓ Resources

How 🐋 Will I Introduce My Blog❔

I love the idea of introducing this website like it’s coming out of the belly of the whale, like I’m flying out of the 🌌 blowhole of depressionGood idea here for a poem or short story. Or nature essay, even. 🌌, like I’ve reclaimed who I am and brought some coherency back to my workview-lifeview, … Read moreHow 🐋 Will I Introduce My Blog❔

Explore 🏺 Ancient Egyptian Mythology

I’ve been thinking of writing a historical science fiction novella, based on Illuminati ideas of aliens in Ancient Egypt, mixed with mythological figures like Ra and Thoth. Meaning Making 🌱 Why Ancient Egypt? If I could come up with a response to the Fermi Paradox from a narrative told in distant past, even if that story … Read moreExplore 🏺 Ancient Egyptian Mythology

I 💗 Kurzgesagt & Art History

As I lay in bed petting DeeJAYOur youngest cat @1.5 yro., Chase’s 6 a.m. alarm belled from our first-generation Alexa. I’d gone to bed at 11 p.m., and I’ve never been a morning person, so I was surprised by how easily I swung my legs from the comfort of my magic blanket onto our cir. … Read moreI 💗 Kurzgesagt & Art History