August Projects

Lately I’ve been editing more, considering the accessibility of my writing, trying to simplify. This is why I haven’t posted updates about new content every day, as I did before. I may switch to just documenting my updates weekly; that’ll be much more manageable, and give me space to consistently reflect on successes and failures … Read moreAugust Projects

Introducing Update Buttons!

I made three updates today—two on Wattpad, and one in my WordPress blogosphere—but more importantly, I also designed several buttons for realizing these ideas; and what a fun incentive, first repurposing my PicsArt gallery into illustrations, then making those pictures a reality! I know, I know, buttons have been on the Internet since the 90s, … Read moreIntroducing Update Buttons!

I ♥ Being Autistic

Although April is Autism Awareness Month,—& I’m celebrating all month by posting daily on—if you’re overwhelmed by the month-long thing, you can also celebrate autism just for today… since it’s also 🎉Autism Awareness Day🎉, hurray! Neurodiverse 🧠 A Neuron Story 🧠 Part I 🤬Negatron: It’s already 5PM PST, fellas. 🤓Musitron: What about it? 🤬Negatron: You’re tooting the … Read moreI ♥ Being Autistic