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I ❤ Teaching College

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I keep toying with the idea of starting a vlog. I’m pretty sure I’m starting a vlog this summer, when I’m not teaching. Teaching Plans Also, …


Emoticons about Grading, Part III 🙌

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Yesterday was my first week teaching the second semester of English 380: Vocabulary Building & Testing SkillsI was a MONTH late responding to the “You wanna …


Emoticons about Grading, Part II ✌

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I’m still learning how to use the emoticon keyboard on my PC. Not sure why I’m not just writing my blog posts on my iPad Pro. …

Intermissions🚪 Cats

I 💗 Kurzgesagt & Art History

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As I lay in bed petting DeeJAYOur youngest cat @1.5 yro., Chase’s 6 a.m. alarm belled from our first-generation Alexa. I’d gone to bed at 11 …


Substitute Teach for Fresno Unified❓

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Before we leave for Anaheim, I need to file my dad’s taxes, then print out three copies of my previous semester’s vocabulary syllabi and rhetoric portfolio. …

Philosophies🚪 Cats

A Humanizing Step, Part II ✌

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Last time, I wrote about how my therapist encouraged me to treat my career like a relationship. My therapist has another fantastic strategy for challenging my …


I 💞 5W’s ❓❔❓❔❓

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As English-teacher-cliche as it sounds, I’ve always thought the words who, what, why, when, where, and how can change the world. Prewriting 💙 Who, What, When, Where, Why, How 💜 When …