Emoticons about Grading, Part II ✌

I’m still learning how to use the emoticon keyboard on my PC. Not sure why I’m not just writing my blog posts on my iPad Pro. 21st century problems. It’s been raining frequently. I wanted to plant loofah seeds today, but I didn’t get around to it yet, and I’ve already bathed. I leave in … Read moreEmoticons about Grading, Part II ✌

I 💘 YouTube, Part II

In the interest of further exploring my experience with Fresno Unified, as well as add another dimension to my definition of quitting, I decided to analyze two of my favorite YouTube artists: Quote Response 👫 Prince Ea 🧠 Please note, these are my takeaways; your takeaways will likely be different.But our takeaways have equal value, and I’d love … Read moreI 💘 YouTube, Part II

A Humanizing Step, Part II ✌

Last time, I wrote about how my therapist encouraged me to treat my career like a relationship. My therapist has another fantastic strategy for challenging my fear of failure and abuse, too: Is it failure to leave an unhealthy relationship? Is it quitting, or is it figuring out what suits your interests? Just question the … Read moreA Humanizing Step, Part II ✌

A Humanizing Step, Part I ☝

I often write about how this life design project is my attempt to mend my relationship with anxiety and depression. But I don’t talk much about my relationship with anxiety and depression. In My Life Today 🤒 Prototyping Anxiety 😖 Since it’s anxiety that just stirred meIn fairness, daylight savings just happened—so 5:35 a.m. was 4:35 … Read moreA Humanizing Step, Part I ☝

Workview, Part I; College vs. K-12 👩‍🏫

Today I’d like to further explore rule #1 of my mentor-specific Workview: An intellectual field should not be a social minefield. Lifeview 💙 Be Grateful 🧡 I think this mentor-specific WorkviewThat ethical code we carry into work. is rooted in a deep Lifeview my mother taught me: Be grateful for the damn experience. In My Life … Read moreWorkview, Part I; College vs. K-12 👩‍🏫

Curriculum Design 👩‍🏫 Meaning Making

I taught today at Fresno City College, 6PM-9PM. I do that weekly. It’s been one hella semester. In My Life Today 🐠 Mad Hexagon Plans 🦐 Our 20g hexagon fish tank will begin cycling tomorrow, boosted by the gravel, aquarium decorations, & used filter from our 10g Aqueon tank. My goal is to succeed at a … Read moreCurriculum Design 👩‍🏫 Meaning Making

Emoticons about Grading, Part I 👊

Teaching Philosophy 👨‍🎓 GWENRE 👩‍🎓 I have this grading technique called GWENRE. It’s my grading philosophy. It’s also like the 🤯 word GENRE, but with a 🦆ing “W” in it. G rade to E ncourage individual growth, N ormalizing only the minimum requirements for the course. W rite clear notes that make sense to the student, then R eview those notes … Read moreEmoticons about Grading, Part I 👊

Workview, Preface; 🤙 Mentor Mind 🤗

I’ve been teaching for five years now: two years at Fresno State (14-15); three years as an adjunct professor in the State Center Community College District (16-18), including Madera College and Fresno City College; two years as an adjunct professor at College of the Sequoias; & less than a year as a high school SPED … Read moreWorkview, Preface; 🤙 Mentor Mind 🤗

Workview, Preface I 👋 In the Beginning

When waterfalls cascade down slanted rocks—and slant the rocks further with pressure, pressure, Almighty Gravity—do the shifts in the cascading water, (once the rocks slant down too far,) appear any more or less beautiful than the waterfall’s original design? Is this world really more or less beautiful than fifty years, five hundred years, five million … Read moreWorkview, Preface I 👋 In the Beginning

Workview, Preface II 🙌 Prewrite ✂

(Editorial note: I swear to bananas, sometimes my shitty first drafts read like I’m drinking wine and doing drugs. Like I’m a maniac. It’s ridiculous.) In Designing Your Life by Burnett & Evans, they take self-reflection of life philosophies to a whole new level. I dig it. It’s why I decided to dedicate half a year of my … Read moreWorkview, Preface II 🙌 Prewrite ✂