Celebrating the Beginning of July

On July 1st, I added to three of my Wattpad projects, including the arduous task of one-sentence synopsi in the comments section of each chapter (and technically, I also worked on this for a good part of July 2nd, but when I’m having an insomniac writing binge, relative things like time fly out the window); … Read moreCelebrating the Beginning of July

I 💕🐲💕 Fantasy Genre

The other day, before bed, I tallied it up—and I wrote 7.5K words in a single day. In graduate school, I’d often pump out just as many words in a day, but that’s because I had this mindset, “This writing isn’t my best writing,” this mindset that I was just building blocks, exercises that lifted … Read moreI 💕🐲💕 Fantasy Genre

Trip to AWP LA 2016, Part V

I thought I’d finish the restoration of the AWP LA ’16 blog posts by now, but after today, I still have two days left to go. Today’s post includes nuggets of wisdom for review writing, which is timely, considering I teach that in college now. But before that, of all things, I found a 💪 … Read moreTrip to AWP LA 2016, Part V

Trip to AWP LA 2016, Part II

Yesterday, I revised an old post from my trip to AWP LA ’16, a time capsule from graduate school. 💊 Today and tomorrow, I’ll continue that narrative… I was a good student. I took a lot of notes back then! 😉 Quote Response 💜 Embracing a Poetics of Joy The moderator, Lisa Dordal, had simply … Read moreTrip to AWP LA 2016, Part II

Workview, Part II; Writer Mind 🔬

my cat is better than yours

I just went bananasI was thinking about how to design a social media and consumer strategy that lets me explore ideas organically, authentically, enjoyably, while also being held accountable for establishing an online brand and spending responsibly. adding to my Pinterest. I was especially hooked on the idea of crayons. I’ve been thinking about doing some … Read moreWorkview, Part II; Writer Mind 🔬

Lifeview ☝ Dear Adventurer 🤸‍♀️

Serious talk, though: You become, neurologically, what you think. —Nicholas Carr Poetry is Safer than Home 💌 Dear Adventurer 💟 The darker you go into the night, the more the gaslight matters; observe the lily pads of gold, tip-toeing along the cobblestone: as you cross this threshold, Adventurer, do you notice the gilded courage tingling down … Read moreLifeview ☝ Dear Adventurer 🤸‍♀️

Workview, Preface II 🙌 Prewrite ✂

(Editorial note: I swear to bananas, sometimes my shitty first drafts read like I’m drinking wine and doing drugs. Like I’m a maniac. It’s ridiculous.) In Designing Your Life by Burnett & Evans, they take self-reflection of life philosophies to a whole new level. I dig it. It’s why I decided to dedicate half a year of my … Read moreWorkview, Preface II 🙌 Prewrite ✂


In the Prologue, I touched on a few of my writing philosophies: “Fiction is true.” “I ♥ blogs.” “I can’t help but ♥ listing.” “Every voice bears the weight of its truth.” In addition, I mentioned one of my teaching philosophies: “I ♥ autonomy.” I have many philosophies. They’re the value I live by when I’m writing, … Read morePhilosophies

I 💙 Blogs, Part II 🙌

I need to go back. I need to return to the writing. To the beginning. So, cheers, Dear Reader— Here’s to celebrating that all our thoughts really, really matter; Writing Philosophy 🦑 “Every voice bears the weight of its truth.” Here’s to sharing our truths; our observations of the observable; Here’s to blogging. And thanks for reading … Read moreI 💙 Blogs, Part II 🙌

Once Upon a Time

When marketing agencies paid me to write for small-to-medium-sized businesses for a living—and I was a copywriter, then a community manager, for many years, in three different companies; nothing to scoff at,—I learned to deliver search-engine-optimized sentences that hit readers like uppercuts. My family never understood blogging, article writing, or search engines; to them, I … Read moreOnce Upon a Time