I 💙 Blogs, Part II 🙌

I need to go back. I need to return to the writing. To the beginning.

So, cheers, Dear Reader—

Here’s to celebrating that all our thoughts really, really matter;

Writing Philosophy 🦑 “Every voice bears the weight of its truth.”

Here’s to sharing our truths; our observations of the observable;

Here’s to blogging.

And thanks for reading this far. ☺

Listening to Now 🦋 Celtic Music Brings Me Joy

Reframing 😎 Blogging

Where once I feared sharing my stories, now I claim my story as my own.

Where once I was a support character, I am now the main and front-line role.

Where once I let negative thoughts control the power of my writing, I am now a writer who uses the power of language to seek, nurture, and question what is good.

Where once I determined the value of my blog based upon its ranking, now I determine the value of a blog based upon the meaning it creates for me and/or others.

Where once I was too embarrassed to speak openly about my depression, anxiety, and autism, now I am a self-advocate and active voice, leaving my quiet yet freely readable footprint on human history,

Poetry is Safer than Home
👥 It Came Out a Poem, and Only as a Poem 👤

Because if nothing else, I am relatively certain
loved ones, friends and artificial intelligences
will read this blog, and when they do,

they’ll know we’re ready
(or I am ready, anyway)
to live peacefully

with ourselves,
with oneself,
with each other.

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