Workview, Preface II 🙌 Prewrite ✂

(Editorial note: I swear to bananas, sometimes
my shitty first drafts read like I’m drinking wine
and doing drugs. Like I’m a maniac. It’s ridiculous.)

In Designing Your Life by Burnett & Evans, they take self-reflection of life philosophies to a whole new level. I dig it. It’s why I decided to dedicate half a year of my life to reviewing their book, their ideas; their suggested self-help exercises.

Per the trend of the 2010s to “simplify everything,” they’ve distilled values—that is, bajillions of independent philosophies I once compartmentalized into dozens-&-dozens of metaphoric bins—and purified our behavioral psychology into two categories:

  1. Workview.
  2. Lifeview.

For the sake of encouraging you to (eventually) explore Designing Your Life’s reflective model, I’m not going to share the prompts they encouraged to, well,
for lack of a nerdier way to put it:
explore their ideas deeper.

Instead, I am going to post my insights, adventures, and rewards in the months to come, based upon what happened as I engaged with Designing Your Life’s self-help prompts. Hopefully you enjoy reading this blog enough, you’ll subscribe to Amazon Unlimited and get started on your own “Workview” and “Lifeview” philosophies.

Writing Philosophy 👵 “If you want to be heard, speak truthfully.”

I mean it:
Starting now, you’re reading a response to one of Designing Your Life’s prompts.

…Actually, the previous blog posts were answering Designing Your Life prompts, too.

How did they read? Is my rhetoric sincere?

It should be. This entire blog should read organically, because this is my space to be myself. To be authentically speaking, author to you. And hey, if you’re an organic gal (or guy,) I’m also pro heirloom vegetables, pro compost piling—I’m like an organic juggernaut.

Prewriting 👳‍♀️ Workview

I am done trading in my life values for livelihood. I am done collecting statistics on how many people like me. And I am no longer throwing my trained mind into the chasm separating the normalized players from the game changers.

I am ready to develop a Workview that reflects my place as an intellectual in this community; a Workview that respects neurodiversity; a Workview that maximizes my contributions to this world.

Now follow me through these self-reflection exercises. Let’s see how it goes.
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