Workview, Preface I 👋 In the Beginning

When waterfalls cascade down slanted rocks—and slant the rocks further with pressure, pressure, Almighty Gravity—do the shifts in the cascading water, (once the rocks slant down too far,) appear any more or less beautiful than the waterfall’s original design?

Is this world really more or less beautiful than fifty years, five hundred years, five million years ago?

Poetry is Safer than Home 🤓 Climate Change Orbit 👽

I’m certain my parents didn’t want this.
The midnight till-4:30am-emoji lists
I doodle to navigate life; but

Designing Your Life by Burnett
& Evans thought this is what you should do.

Well, no…; they didn’t want this,
either; …When they thought ahead,
they didn’t imagine this mess of thirty-odd-
year-olds, weeping stillness to sleep. None of
the Baby Boomers pointed the spaceship towards
Climate Change Orbit and cried, “Let’s destroy the future!”

—but if they did, let me be the first
to reassure you, we’d pilot the Internet
straight into their solar plexuses,
their livers and kidney stones,
or whatever fleshy
won’t need to keep on living.

Listing 🎴 Workview 🎯

  • I should spend every hour on this planet doing something I believe in.
  • I should be working towards a future
    that’s better for
    my children, not worse.
  • I always seem to not get along with at least one older white male manager.
  • While I’m a feminist, being placed in a work environment
    where I’m forced to speak up as a feminist
    makes me hyperventilate.
  • I don’t want to act.
    My authentic self has more value to this world.
  • My therapist says
    I need to start treating my employers
    like my past relationships,
    which means I can’t
    tolerate poopoo anymore.
  • I write really ducking well. I love
    teaching writing, making writing,
    editing writing, reading writing,
    as long as you and I have an understanding
    I write really ducking well.
  • Okay, in all seriousness: I want to change the world. I know it sounds cliche, but I’ve read too many novels, binged through too many comic books, and suckered myself into the whorls of too many fairy tales to give up on the magic of changing; so I want to change the world
    into the place I know my mother,
    my grandmother “Gandma,”
    and even great grandmother “Gran” imagined,
    decades ago, when they took their children to the ocean for a weekend of play.

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