Lifeview ☝ Dear Adventurer 🤸‍♀️

Serious talk, though:

You become, neurologically, what you think. —Nicholas Carr

Poetry is Safer than Home 💌 Dear Adventurer 💟

The darker you go into the night,
the more the gaslight matters; observe
the lily pads of gold, tip-toeing along the cobblestone:

as you cross this threshold, Adventurer, do you notice
the gilded courage tingling down your spine?
That’s the synapse of your chakra,

reaching deep, deep down, down
into the brightest lights
at the center of
our beautiful, humbled Earth.

Listing 💕 Lifeview 💞

  • Life first, work second. We work for livelihood; not for life.
  • Love,—pound-for-pound, human-for-human—is stronger than hatred. But love and hatred come in different sizes; therefore, expecting a man-sized love to move a mountain-sized hatred is unreasonable.
  • Visual aides help.
    Including with text.
  • Auditory aides really help.
    Perhaps, I love sound most of all.
  • This is not about living to please, to fit within lines, layouts, and structures; that pre-school peg game?—a Santa-sized lie. No, only when we live authentically,—surrounded by others who (likewise) live without refrain—will we fit into anything of actual substance; so we must all strive then, to model joyful, mindful, and kind humanhood, to play by the Golden Rules we think life ought to be, and to at last become ourselves.
  • It is possible to live authentically and equally. No compromises should be made for less.
  • Even if we think there are finite resources, Moore’s Law promises technological progresses ahead; so barring a Great Filter blowing us to smithereens (like World War 3),  we should find other hospitable worlds in the future. Shit’ll be fine.
  • If I could worry, eh, maybe 500% less, I may slow my anxiety down in time to dodge the near-miss with my mother’s hereditary fibromyalgia and Sjogren’s syndrome.
  • I live in a society where the popular view is disability over differability; neurotypical and cheap, over neurodiverse and humane; and patriarchal+racist over egalitarian; and because of this, I have to navigate certain “gravity rules,” until we reach an acceleration point in our country’s (or international policies’) social reconstruction.
  • I’m guessing the acceleration point in social reconstruction happens right before, or right after, the emergence of superintelligence.

Writing Philosophy 💙 Why Not a Writer’s Life? 💜

For a time, I thought about going back to graduate school to study art education and oceanic art.

I’ve always wanted to move to Hawai’i (it’s the only state I consider outside of California, really,) (because in terms of climate, it’s paradise,) (but, uhh, climate change approaches,) and I thought graduate school was a good reason to spend a few years over there, then return to Wherever, California.

I’ve never felt much allegiance to Southern, Central, or Northern California. I like to joke that I’m always a SoCal woman, but I never identified with the community; I’ve been the odd duckling of my Fullerton/Anaheim family forever.

As much as I planned to abstain from a vortex of creative writing until summer break, I’ve been on stress leave now for four weeks; I’ve reached out twice to Fresno Unified and McLane, but I’m too shy to give a third jab with the stick.

So I’m utilizing this time to dive into the deep end of writing my cyborg and doppelganger novella.

Per Designing Your Life’s suggestion, I’m gonna grokk the writer life…and why not? Grokking a blogger’s life for two weeks made me happy, the way a heat mat warms cold seedlings to lime-green life. 🌱
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