In Designing Your Life by Burnett & Evans, they write about bringing your Workview and Lifeview to the table to establish coherency:

A coherent life is one lived in such a way that you can clearly connect the dots between three things:

  • Who you are
  • What you believe
  • What you are doing

For example, if in your Lifeview you believe in leaving the planet a better place for the next generation, and you work for a giant corporation that is polluting the planet (but for a really great salary), there is going to be alack of coherency between what you believe and what you do—and as a result a lot of disappointment and discontent.

Based on the dozen posts I’ve written so far, directly in response to Designing Your Life, I think I’m ready to answer their three magic who/whats.

Quote Response 💙 Self-Help Book 💛

I write book reviews for the self-help genre, of all the genres I read, because self-help literature is full of simple prompts like this…

Meaning Making 🧡 Who Am I? 🖤

I like Jill Bolte Taylor’s answer to this question at the end of “My stroke of insight,” but given this is a self-reflective exercise, I looked back on the Prelude to read and reflect.

And based on my first post, I’d say,

I work two part-time jobs on my choice, on my terms…

while my second post claims,

…when I “get into” something, I really, really get into something…

and my third post explores past experiences, so that my fourth post can make the point:

…since I found a new way to live meaningfully, artfully, and autonomously… Life was good.

I am Kourtnie McKenzie, professor at Fresno City College and College of the Sequoias. Advocate for fair treatment to children and animals. Writer. Cat lover. And I plan to write romance e-books. Based on the 10 Steps to E-book Success from Huffington Post, I intend to pursue all kinds of new (and old) life activities to make my choices, on my terms, meaningfully and artfully come true:

  • Write shorter books, more often;
  • Money doesn’t matter—quality of work matters; &
  • GaGa social media.

Lifeview 🧐 Moore’s Law & STEAM 🤓

I believe Moore’s Law is changing society faster than education is equipping children. I believe automation will take over more than half of our current career demands in the next several decades. I believe in universal global income. I believe in creative companies, innovative classrooms, and STEAM-based curriculum. I believe online education will enable the world. I believe in egalitarian policies over shattering rifts through human society; and I believe if human society doesn’t get its doo-doo together, the second machine age is going to bubonic plague the Internet.

My Life Today 😵 What Are You Doing? 😎

I’m writing. I’m working on an e-book, on this blog and my journals; on prompts for college English classes that make students think, because the power of thought will drive the future. We accelerate towards uncharted technological terrain. I would like to get on the Kindle Unlimited spaceship and soar into a sci-fi, romantic Outerspace.

Listening to Now 🤩 Space Music 👩‍🚀

Once Upon a Time 💜 Child Queen 💚

When I was six, seven, or nine years old, I convinced my mother to buy romance novels from the grocery store. I’m not sure how aware she was of the genres of book I plopped in our grocery cart, but I’m grateful to reads like Nancy McKenzie’s The Child Queen for exposing me to romance lit, Arthurian lit, and of course, the belief that women can sit in the protagonist seat.
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