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Today, my goal is to write a 1000-word post. I normally target 250- to 500-word ranges, but I wanted to give myself room to stretch my legs and arms today, since I’m evaluating the blog design.

Listing ⚓ Current Design 🏠

I made it to Chapter 2.5 before I had to re-frame (i.e., re-evaluate) my blog idea. That’s pretty good, considering most of my ideas need to be resuscitated by the end of the first chapter. I have idea commitment issues.

I want to keep most of the design choices I made during the pre-write for “You♥ll Want to Read” (i.e.,, including…

Prewriting 🌝 Near-Future Schedule 🌚

For four months, my goal is to create a sanctuary of
blog categories that I can use to explore
other self-help, behavioral psychology, and DIY/how-to books.

 ♥ Project Goal #1: Blog ♥
♥ Start blog; update daily for 30-days; then update every 3 days till 333 posts. ♥

I read self-help literature all the time—the behavioral psychology genre is one of my lifelong learning hacksso it makes sense to build a seven-year-scaffolding structure to hold artifacts of my reading slash personal growth experiences.

Which leads me to the first of my three 2018 Self-Growth Goals:

♥ Self-Growth Goal #1: Self-Help Lit ♥
♥ Reduce depression by working on life design skills.

I’ll chart the development of my life skills on this blog by creation:

  • Two Review-based Categories for February: Prelude (responses to Designing Your Life, “Chapter 1: Start Where You Are”) & Philosophies (DYL, “2: Building a Compass”); &
  • One Self-reflection Category for February: Intermissions (mini reviews). Then,

For the second of my 2018 Project Goals:

♥ Project Goal #2: E-Novella ♥
♥ Start novella; update daily for 30 days; then update every 2 days till 30K-40K words. 

I’ll compose the rough draft of my cyborg (Aeia) & body shifter (Caelian) e-novella, (which explores meaningful decision-making,) while blushing glitterdust on the cheeks of “You♥ll Want to Read’s” preliminary design to increase my social media presence.

  • Two Review-based Categories for March: Projects (DYL, “3: Wayfinding”) & Problems (DYL, “4: Getting Unstuck”); &
  • One Self-reflection Category for March: Patch Notes (project revisions). Next,

For the third of my 2018 Project Goals, I’ll explore my fear of the dark with a void shifter (Malai’sunin) and futurist (Vay) at the helm of a shorter piece of fiction:

♥ Project Goal #3: E-Novelette ♥
Start novelette; update for 30 days; then continue updating daily till 12K-15K words. ♥

Meanwhile, I’ll also be working on more life design skills, including customized upgrades courtesy of Yu-kai Chou’s Actionable Gamification:

Self-Growth Goal #2: Gamification ♥
Increase satisfaction by improving on life design skills. 

  • Five Review-based Categories for April: Odyssey Quests (DYL, “5: Design Your Lives”), Monthly Quests (DYL, “6: Prototyping”), Imitations (DYL, “7: How Not to Get a Job”), Daily Quests (DYL, “8: Designing Your Dream Job”), Codes (DYL, “9: Choosing Happiness”); &
  • Two Self-reflection Categories for April: Brainstorms (pre-writing) & Missions (activism). Then,
  • Two Review-based Categories for May: Innovations (DYL, “10: Failure Immunity”) & Operations (DYL, “11: Building a Team”); &
  • One Self-reflection Category for May: Endgames (DYL, “Conclusion” & end 2018 book review).

The last of my goals, ♥ Self-Growth Goal #3: Gardening ♥I’ll pre-write at a later late.

Prewriting 🚨 Known Errors 🚧

Pacing. I may have gone in-the-house-all-day-crazy and triggered Patch Notes early.

Day & Night Jobs. I am beyond grateful for my adjunct professorships at Fresno City College and College of the Sequoias, because Fresno Unified has had me at home for a month, with very little contact—barring the Americans Disabilities Act, meeting two weeks ago—despite reaching out twice since then.

My internal clock has gone for a loop. I missed a regularly schedule doctor’s appointment.

Other than that one appointment, I’ve done everything I’m meant to do in this process, including regular mental health visits, anti-depressants, and sincere attempts at self-care and growth.

And the people of Fresno Unified are probably doing everything they can, too. It’s not that any negligence or maliciousness is happening, so much as district-sized companies move like the Final Fantasy IV Giant of Babil when trying to navigate sensitive situations.

Story Idea: Oooh. I’ve been meaning to write a retelling of the Tower of Babel… ♥

But this is why I believe independent artists should have a day job and a night job; having both not only doubles the amount of goodwill I can provide my community, it gives me a fallback when real life happens.

And real life happened.

In My Life Today 🚲 Change of Pace 🏍

I took on an 80-hour-a-week career with negative-minded direct management, legal documents I’d received little time to digest (when I’m obviously a slow-bake learner)—then I was given even less time to reproduce those legal documents, while my direct management tripled the rate of pending IEPs I originally had, either as a) best case scenario, an act of randomness, or b) worst case scenario, a reaction to my fuss about my anxiety

…all in a high school special education department that didn’t think to provide accommodations to their autistic, emergency-credentialed, new-to-K-12 recruit until I was clocking in 1-3 on-the-job anxiety attacks per week…


It was a jumbled event, of no fault to no one other than the fumbled workings of a bumbled system.

Now I wait to hear back. Patience is a virtue, and a good life requests I wait.

At first, in the bone-aching, nerve-wracked anxiety and depression I found myself in, I didn’t think I’d stick to my 30-Day Challenge: Posting once per day on “You♥ll Want to Read,” my self-improvement book review (& mini-review) blog, to keep myself connected into the idea of healing;

♥ And I still need to outline the parameters of 30-Day Challenges ♥ Maybe next post… ♥

But I’m the third week today, with 1 day left in the month, and I’m feeling good. I’m already feeling much better than I did at the beginning of this 30-Day Challenge, and the near-future design still feels mighty lovely. I can see lights in the eyes of depression’s shadowbeasts again.

The Far Future Schedule

I had a far future design, too, and that’s where I want to make most of my modifications.

But first, the blueprint…

After a two-month break in June and July—because Chase and & I are getting married and honeymooning then, YEEEEEEAAAH!I’ll return to “You♥ll Want to Read” with a shifted lens:

  • Instead of reviewing longer prose—i.e., a self-help book—for four months,
  • I’ll review shorter prose—i.e., Internet articles, creative nonfiction essays, & short stories—for four months, while exploring a self-help-related theme.

So from August till the end of the year, the blueprint looks something like:

  • One Review-based Category for August: Social Breaks (awareness-based website reviews);
  • One Self-reflection Category for August: Social Connections (blog article exchanges); &
  • One Entrepreneurial Grok for August: Amazon Associates Program. Then,
  • Who knows? Flesh out more.

Prewriting 🚙 Additional Features 🚗

The current design could include a few project-wide design choices as well, such as:

  • Blog tags are used to differentiate between different writing forms (& different writing forms are used so I can prototype blogging styles for future projects);
  • Different writing forms are used 2-3 times per blog post to differentiate content (& differentiated content is used so I can re-frame the same ideas in new angles);
  • Writer games are embedded into the drafting process, such as Target Wordsand 3×7 Project as a case study for gamification of writing assignments; results may impact future writing instruction.

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