I ❤ Brilliant

Brilliant is an app on my iPad. The appified version of Brilliant.org.

This app (or website) is a great place for nerds to hang out to study physics, puzzles, & logic. And math, artificial networks, & computers. Mathematical fictionalism, anyone?

If I could pick Brilliant up and inject it into the bloodstream of K-12 education, I’d do it in an eye-blink. I’d do it with lasers. We really need to get STEAM into our public education curriculum, as well as into our everyday adult lives—unless you want to call your grandchildren to have them hook up your living room lasers. I certainly don’t.

Brilliant is a vehicle to enable knowledge. Check out this video, “Why Math Might Be Complete BS,” to see if you’d like the kind of knowledge Brilliant has to offer:

Watching Right Now 👩‍🔬 Overcoming Math Anxiety 😰

For other writer-minded people, Brilliant is also a great exercise to get you into that universe-oriented, tech-oriented thinking that fuels star-stuff into science fiction ideas.

Target Words: I 👰 Wedding Registry 🤵

I’ve got this $30 desk heater blowing into my face—which I’d like to someday replace with a Dyson hot + cool fan heater in blue, because Orange County Hometowners know how to consumer-dream—and I am wildly impressed by how much warmth this 8″ dude can pack.

In My Life Today: I 💘 Fuzzy Socks 🐾

So I’m glad to report: feelin’ warm in the rainy March weather, sans my freezing feet. I may need to thaw my feet in a bath-bombed tub, then put some fuzzy socks on afterwards…

Yes. Because I ♥ fuzzy socks, too. Almost as much as Brilliant.

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