I 💌 YouTube, Part I ☝

Listening to Right Now 👾 Free Write Music 👽

In My Life Today 😶 In the Beginning, There Was YouTube 💩

Preparing for the science fiction novella I’m working on today, courtesy of a lot of YouTube. I always research with YouTube first, before Wikipedia, books, articles—yeah, you heard me, even effing Google.

Listing 🤖 The Addiction Continues on YouTube 👺

Just like how I make lists on my blog, I make them on YouTube;…and in composition notebooks, on receipts, with shaving cream on the shower wall… for example, I’m making a YouTube list today called “Dear Chase ♥ Pancake Breakfast” to celebrate my love for YouTube. Because it’s I ♥ YouTube Day.

I make YouTube lists regularly; you can follow me on YouTube if you’re interested in peeking into one of my idea-forming spaces. I also have random, poor-quality videos of my cats up there. Someday, I plan to make a channel out of it.

Target Word: Wedding Registry 👰 Gamifying Wedding Plans 🤵

I seriously need to clean up our wedding registries, and get the save-the-dates sent out, but I’m not excited about it at all; rather, I’m terrified of the family drama. I want to teleport through our wedding ceremony at lightspeed and arrive at Lanai, unharmed, unhinged from judgment forever.

Logging into Amazon for a moment, before I get this YouTube list started, & recording data for a new potential project, Target Word: Wedding Registry,I found a Post-it Note that read, addendum: connect with the science fiction consumer conversation on the way to choosing a target word, and I can’t remember what the hell that means… to see if I can’t re-calibrate my wedding excitement with a little note-taking game:

The goal here is to take notes on my knee-jerk thoughts while I’m navigating through Amazon’s website, on the way to my wedding registry (i.e., how many ads barrage me, and how many of those affect me, before I fulfill the agenda of just checking my wedding registry items).

Listing 🛒 Navigating to the Wedding Registry 💍

but before I watch any of these television series, I want to compose a list of Kurzgesagt videos & spoken word poetry videos for Chase & I to watch while eating a pancake breakfast.

Then I’ll order myself a heated mat for starting seedlings, in preparation for installing my new Blumat 12 Plant Watering System in the backyard for this year’s tomatoes.

We’re hoping (okay, mostly I’m hoping…but Chase likes to pretend-farmer, too!) by this time next year, we’ll have an Orbit 3-Outlet Programmable Hose Faucet Timer set up with 2 more 12-plant watering systems, (which is really being used for 8 planters this year… the 4 basil & 4 tomato plants will live together!), & we’ll have another 12-plant watering system set up in the front yard hose, so we only need to set timers on these bad boys, & presto! …magic garden setting, complete!

…then I’ll use that magic garden setting…

…to create magic garden characters,
in fairy & gnome houses,
& a koi pond,
& a fountain,
& maybe a turtle,
(Chase & I are still discussing the turtle,)
& garden fairy lights,
just enough light, (once the light adjusts,)
because I don’t like light pollution…

Prewriting 💜 I ♥ Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell 🧡

This is one of my favorite YouTube channels. I’ll be using them for a heavy portion of my list today. They explore different scientific-based, tech-based, & ethics-based social issues within our society,

Prewriting 💙 I ♥ Spoken Word Poetry 💛

Prince Ea is another of my favorite channels…

Lastly, a channel I’ve recently enjoyed is Answers with Joe. I always knew about this dude, but I never dove into his videos before. This week, I’m hoping to explore the hell out of his films.

Oh! …Chase says the pancakes are ready! /end free write.

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