I 💞 5W’s ❓❔❓❔❓

As English-teacher-cliche as it sounds, I’ve always thought the words who, what, why, when, where, and how can change the world.

Prewriting 💙 Who, What, When, Where, Why, How 💜

When I’m prewriting, I ask the 5W questionsWho, what, when, where, why, and (even though it isn’t a W) how. repetitiously, until I finally peel away the answer, like stripping a pine cone bare.

The 5W lead to inward journeys, if we manipulate their power to look within:

  • Who am I?
  • What changed since my body replaced most of its cells in the last seven years?
  • Why am I scared of change, when I can identify stark changes between now, seven years ago, fourteen years ago, and twenty-one years ago?
  • When did my depression change from a genetic predisposition to a lifelong illness?
  • Where did my mother’s anxiety take her? My father’s anxiety? My grandmother’s depression?
  • How can I redirect my path to somewhere healthier?

But questions can also lead outward, if we repurpose their power for our external world:

  • Who benefits the most from special day classes in public schools?
  • What flowers of wisdom can I plant in the garden of neurodiversity and mental illness to improve the conditions of the landscape for other people experiencing the similar lives?
  • Why do we segregate ourselves from one another, rather than live in an egalitarian world?
  • When did segregation start?
  • How can we change the conversation from accommodations in neurotypical society (i.e., co-depending the disabled), to utilizing specialties in our neurodiverse society (i.e., inter-depending the differabled)?

So before I move on to my analysis of writer-specific Workviews, and close in on the end of DYL, Chapter 2: Building a Compass,” I wanted to create a similar layer of depth to my previous philosophic posts, reframing and widening the berth of my thoughts.

Quote Response💛 Kourtnie.net 💚

I am done trading in my life values for livelihood. I am done collecting statistics on how many people like me. And I am no longer throwing my trained mind into the chasm separating the normalized players from the game changers.

  • How do I pursue grant writing? Wouldn’t that turn “trading in my life values for livelihood” into “earning my livelihood defending my life values”?
  • Who can I interview about grant writing?
  • Where can I go for grant writing classes?
  • When other teachers felt ethically challenged on the job, how did they respond?
  • What could be done to respect the ethics of teachers and administrators simultaneously?
  • Why do I feel like I ask the right questions, yet I’m light-years from answers?

Will dance lessons help heal depression? Help exacerbate anxiety? Am I defending my fear?

  • Who would I “be forced” to dance with, other than Chase?—I’d love to dance with Chase.
  • Why would I feel anxious then?—I shouldn’t be concerned with the thoughts of other people in the class, so long as I’m not impeding their ability to learn and express themselves through dance, too.
  • Where would we take dance lessons? Should we stick to the Tower District studio, or look into several facilities, since a poor-motor-skilled autistic woman might be a rough student…
  • When will Groupon have deals for the Tower District dance studio again?
  • What did Elizabeth Gilbert say when she ran into this issue? Let me find it in my Kindle
  • How much would it cost for Chase and I to get private lessons?

None of
the Baby Boomers pointed the spaceship towards
Climate Change Orbit and cried, “Let’s destroy the future!”

  • …Where did this shitty first draft observation come from?
  • How could I believe this, given our current president?
  • What could I do to help climate change?
  • Why don’t we make the Great Filter conversation louder in our culture—instead of keeping it among geeks—so we can put climate change into a universe-sized perspective?
  • When did the Baby Boomers generation begin and end, exactly? Gen X? Millennials? iGens?
  • Who was the comedy writer who mentioned he had a poetry-writing phase in his journal? I suddenly have an itch to make a counterargument—this poem never would’ve come to life without freeing myself to switch fluidly between forms, and neither would have this one.

Meaning Making 🧠 Information is Valuable 💎

Some of the questions may not relate to the original source. That’s okay. All ideas matter, even if not all ideas become big-time superstars. For instance, I found guaranteed-superstar idea during my research that is now a mega-want: adult cuddle cocoon swings.

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