I 💗 Kurzgesagt & Art History

As I lay in bed petting DeeJAYOur youngest cat @1.5 yro., Chase’s 6 a.m. alarm belled from our first-generation Alexa. I’d gone to bed at 11 p.m., and I’ve never been a morning person, so I was surprised by how easily I swung my legs from the comfort of my magic blanket onto our cir. 11928 HECirca 11928 Human Era or Holocene Era. warpwood floor.

Then I disappeared into our office slash future baby room to “get to work,” which feels more like “get to disciplined creativity” lately than working, thank goodness.

Prewriting 😍 7 Ideas to Explore Later 🤩

  1. treatment planPhilosopher Jones’ Challenge?
  2. the personality of numbers and information
  3. prewrite: my 7 favorite human innovations & arts
  4. I ♥ my magic blanket
  5. I ♥ artificial intelligence (Alexa, Siri, Cortana)
  6. I ♥ Cities of the Underworld
  7. I ♥ PicsArt, Part II: reframing photographs

If I keep this up, I may finally come up with a life-long treatment plan to counteract my Styron-esqueThe book Darkness Visible by William Styron illustrates my relationship with depression very well. depression. Of course, I continue to receive therapy at Kaiser Permanente as well, but that slice of my life has been focused more on treatment of social anxiety.

While I know I can’t hack recovery—depression is an emotionally gravitational force, resistant to anything but determined investments of self-care, i.e., patient practice and mindful use of timeSpace-time.—as long as I can identify progress, I’m happy.

Watching Right Now 🤓 Emiliani Human Era Calendar 🧐

This video reminds me of Professor Susana Sosa, my favorite person in the field of art history. A year after I finished my MFA in Creative Writing at Fresno State, I completed an AA-T in Art History through Reedley College, including her Asian art history course.

Professor Philip Johnson was another one of my art history instructors—I took a class with him while I still in the MFA program, actually; I’m weird and like registering for community college every few years, even as a graduate student—and he’s an awesome human being, too.

Anyway, this video reminds me of art history because I didn’t realize the footprint of humanity—how small, delicate, and beautiful it really is—until I studied ancient art. I wish art history was more incorporated into K-12 curriculum, since this reframing was essential for my egalitarian nature. For instance, @4:46 of the video, Kurzgesagt delivers this beautiful visual of our four origin civilizations:

I recognize the subtle differences in the architecture, and remember the elaborate conversations blossoming in our art history classroom, when I see this visuals. In other words, they’re like a trigger that reminds me where humanity comes from, how briefly we’ve been on this planet, the responsibility we have to protect and value life, and so on.

If you want to really reframe where you’re at, try this…

I just love the learning power of Kurzgesagt; it really brings joy to YouTube. I think it’s my favorite discovery of 2018. I’ll find a way to start all my composition classes with one of these videos next semester. I definitely want the Human Era calendar in 2019.

If thinking about the universe isn’t your thing, I’m not sure how we can remain friends… Don’t worry! You can just focus on our planet for now:

Reframing 🐱‍🚀 The Power of Reframes in Education 🐱‍👓

I just love education for teaching us how to reframe. The reason lifelong learning, DIY, and self-learning AI fascinates us so?This is also why it scares us when new discoveries and innovations, like evolution, technology, and edgy literature enters our classrooms; but these new discoveries and innovations are necessary steps as part of our species’ progress.—because reframes empower us, stretch our social-emotional (pathos), spiritual (ethos) and critical (logos) intelligences.

And my art history studies, the reframing of Gregorian to Emiliani perspectives of human history, was definitely a required growing phase of my twenties, part of how I burst out of the bubble of Orange County white privilege thinking, no doubt an element of education that was missing in my K-12 experience.

I tried to complete an entrepreneurship certificate through Coursera too, but it’s difficult to engage in Coursera—or in anything, really—when I’m as entrenched in my science fiction novella writing as I’ve felt lately. But this is part of why, when I wake up, I engage in

Oh, also—I’m behind on my word challenges, and I’m handing in paperwork to College of the Sequoias management, the handing out syllabi to new vocabulary students in Visalia. Exciting and stressful day; the perfect day to test how my agoraphobia is doing.

Meanwhile fifteen-to-sixteen-year-old Philosopher JonesMy best-kitty-friend in today’s featured image. just laid his head on the keyboard [Esc] and left the following closing statement:


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