Explore 🏺 Ancient Egyptian Mythology

I’ve been thinking of writing a historical science fiction novella, based on Illuminati ideas of aliens in Ancient Egypt, mixed with mythological figures like Ra and Thoth.

Meaning Making 🌱 Why Ancient Egypt?

If I could come up with a response to the Fermi Paradox from a narrative told in distant past, even if that story is embraced as fictional, it’ll still make my audience think about aliens, life, and the stars. And I’d like if more people thought about those things.

I was mesmerized by Ancient Egypt as a child. When I studied art history for a couple of years, the old stories of Hatshepsut and Tut yet again swooned me to my knees. I fell in love with an audiobook The Woman Who Would Be Kingand I someday plan to dissect it on Kindle and/or paper.

Listing 🌷 7 Places to Nurture My Curiosity

  1. Ancient History Encyclopedia
  2. Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
  3. Ancient Egypt Online
  4. Ancient Egypt Online (UK Edition)
  5. Khan Academy
  6. Ancient Origins
  7. Smithsonian

Prewriting 🌹 Historical Science Fiction Romance?

Is this a thing yet? There are perfect blends of science fiction and romance. And there are also blends of historical and science fiction. I just have to do a little this, a little that. Read a little this genre, a little that genre. Hopefully, when I’m done bleeding into MS Word, my story doesn’t taste like over-seasoned food.I better be as good a writer as Chase is a chef, or I’ll be peeeessed.

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