What is Consciousness❓

Seriously though, how cool would it be to get a PhD in philosophy, then publish some mind-blowing theory of consciousness that helps physicists upgrade quantum theories to the Theory of Everything?

Wouldn’t that just be all like:

Watching Right Now ♿ What is Consciousness? 🕸

You’re going to need an hour before you watch this one.

If you’re not sure you want to invest the hour, skip over the video for a sec to keep reading.

Listing 💙 Comments from the YouTube Conversation 💜

Meaning Making 🐈 We Are Better Than This 🐃

I originally found this YouTube video while researching 2017-18 ideas and theories about consciousness for my science fiction novella. But I was startled by some of the deeper twists and turns this YouTube documentary writer took, including at @25:00, when the video quotes,As the narrator is reading this quote, the imagery also spells out each word—an additional visual text that would no doubt contribute to a belief in the video’s argument.

People would brand a great deal of our most commonplace routines as selfish, decadent and morally corrupt.

The documentary is talking about recent technological phenomenon, such as Facebook (which are active for users of all ages, stretching back to the Baby Boomers), an American president who moonlights as a Twitter celebrity, and the normalization of selfies.

The narrator then continues by saying, “While society gradually improves and evolves over long periods of time…,” and a visual text appears on the screen, helping to back up the narrator’s true argument:

Our culture takes many twists and turns along the way, some of which move us closer to valuing facts over fiction; some of which do not.

In the photograph, a woman is a holding a picket that reads, We Are Better Than This!

It’s an interesting video. Even though it’s an hour long,—far beyond the quota of most people’s YouTube time for the day—I recommend watching it, if only to wear a different lens over reality for a while. Nothing bad ever came out of cat-cow posing your brain.

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