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I’ve been thinking about geniuses lately, about the advice our great ones give us, about how we choose celebrities based upon value systems that might not be in our best interest, and some of the quotes that have popped out during my search are below…

Reframing 💟 A Poetry Project on Genius

Perhaps I could make another project out of responding to one quote a week.

Starting with these quotes.

Prewriting 🤩 Bill Gates

The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life. —Bill Gates

  • How can I apply this to my science fiction novella’s setting?
  • How does this apply to my reality?
  • How has this blog become part of my everyday life?

Quote Response 😎 Elon Musk

While watching the Artificial Intelligence Channel’s interview of Elon Musk, I was caught by their conversation @13:50, when the interviewer said, “Our audience really wants to know: What do you think the world will look like for children born today, when they’re your age…

“What do you hope for the world to look like?

“What’s the best-case scenario, say we solve these problems?”

Elon Musk replied:

I think that a good future would look like, you know, we’re really substantially transferred to sustainable generation and consumption of electricity, so that the CO2 risk and the ocean rising risk is mitigated, and we’re not looking at like, you know, having Florida and sort of large portions of the world underwater, that’d be great, but to have addressed that risk that’ll be there, you know, was for us to have a base on the moon,..

And that was the first time I realized space travel really is a 🦆ing thing.

I’m not sure how to word this experience. I’m going to have to try to word this experience, though: realizing space travel is a 🦆ing thing. This is a distinctly different thing than wanting space travel to be a thing.

I believe in Elon Musk more than NASA. We shall have moon stations.

Listing 💙 3 Other Geniuses to Explore

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe. —Albert Einstein

Lately I’ve had a crush on physicists. I’m heartbroken we’ve lost the physicist who inspired a love of science and astronomy during my childhood. And I’d like to learn more about the ideas of Michio Kaku:

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