I 🖤 Music Videos

I love music videos. They help get me break negative thinking patterns, especially anxiety or depression triggered by my female identity, and they only take 3 to 5 minutes of my time.

Watching Right Now
10 Music Videos 🖤 3 Celebrities 🖤

It’s important to 👀 watch 👀 music videos, I think—not merely click ▶, then go about your business elsewhere while the music plays in the background. The music videos have rich visual texts embedded throughout, and the skits at the end are often beautiful thought experiments.

So experience them as an art form. Enjoy the moment.

Compliment Sandwich 💙 Taylor Swift

While I know many people positioned their lens over “Look What You made Me Do” for its repetitiveness, if you watch the music video while wearing 😎a storyteller’s glasses instead😎, after making sure you’re up-and-up on the background story, you’ll see just how beautiful of an artist Swift really has become. I’ve always dug her hits, but now I dig her Muse, too.

Listing 😍 Beyoncé

I already wrote about why I love Beyoncé; go check it out, or just enjoy my three favorite picks from beyonceVEVO:

Meaning Making 😺 Katy Perry 😻 Autism Hero

Beyond the fact Katy Perry makes the cutest perfume bottles ever (see featured image), I fell in love with her after reading In a Different Key: The Story of Autism and discovering the beautiful performance she shared with Jodi DiPiazza at Night of Too Many Stars:

😂 I can’t watch that video without crying. 😭

If you want to avoid crying, watch these 3 empowering music videos instead:

I especially appreciate watching “Unconditionally” while making art for self-care and self-love.

Then there’s this:

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