Happy Easter

In addition to Happy April Fool’s Day—

Happy Easter!

In My Life Today 💘 More Writing Music!

Between the tension in my family, Donald Trump as president, and the rollercoaster experience I had at McLane, I am not surprised in the slightest that Easter landed on April 1st. Rebirth day and fool’s day are overlapping for 2018!

Listing 💦 7 Things ❣ This Week

  1. Ask a friend if it’s okay to e-mail them
  2. Write 30-45 blog posts in preparation for April
  3. Grade 12 essays
  4. Prepare 7 vocabulary assignments
  5. Prepare 3 rhetoric assignments
  6. Taxes for me and family
  7. Submit to 7 publicationsIt’s only Monday, and I’ve already completed 2 of my 7 submissions with 2 articles at TheMighty.com and 3 poems at Alluvian.

Listing 💢 7 Bigger Things ❣ Next 5 Weeks

  1. Write a CYOA fanfiction plan for a subdomain blog
  2. Write science fiction and paranormal novellas, with long-term sights on the fantasy and magical realism novellas
  3. Grade many things, and track emotions during this process to find triggers of flow
  4. Prepare portfolio prompt for rhetoric class
  5. Prepare vocabulary exams for vocabulary class
  6. Daily Calm.com to work towards the healthy mind and body I need to love my family properly
  7. Submit to 7 more publications, because success requires lots more failures

Listing 💟 7 Huge Things ❣ Next 5 Years

  1. Publish a novella series on Amazon Unlimited with the novels bursting out of my head, even if the income is meager.
  2. Maintain my self-improvement blog, while also tending a more intricate blogging schedule, such as…but not limited to…:
    • Kourtnie.net throughout the year, with a clean-up in February;
    • an autism awareness blog in April, to celebrate Autism Awareness Month;
    • a travel blog in August, to celebrate summer and the best month of the yearBirthday: August 2nd! Hurray!;
    • a gardening blog in September, with plans for next year’s backyard, so I have a place to play with my imagination, {tooltips}then several months of distance{end-text} …before the gardening work begins in February;{end-tooltip};
    • a CYOA fanfiction blogA subdomain of Kourtnie.net. in November for National Blog Posting Month;
    • a secret project in December;
    • novella writing in January (Prep), March (Winter Release), May (Spring Release), July (Summer Release), and October (Autumn Release).
  3. Get married, have two kids, and maintain stable finances.
  4. Travel as a couple once every other year, then as a family every other year.
  5. Become multilingual, further exploring at least two of these languages: American Sign Language; Japanese; French; Russian; Mandarin; German; Sanskrit; Portuguese; and Spanish.
  6. Learn to play the flute well enough again to enjoy childhood video game music.
  7. Develop healthy habits for reading, writing, exercising, staying hydrated, and taking care of oral hygiene.

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