35 Buckets to Kick

The following post is a free write. I will be documenting as many ideas as possible in five minutes. This bucket list isn’t limited to real-life experiences; in some cases, it may be better to explore the dream through the safety of a fictional character.

  1. publish a poetry collection
  2. publish a novel
  3. publish a novella
  4. publish a short story cvollection
  5. travel to Hawaii’s islands
  6. travel to Japan
  7. travel to Australia
  8. travel to Fiji
  9. travel to the Maldives
  10. travel to Canada
  11. open a cat cafe with a small bookstore nook
  12. raise chickens in a vegetable garden
  13. see the Pyramids
  14. see the Mayan Ruins
  15. take dancing classes
  16. eat popping cheese in Italy (unless it’s under water, can’t prevent that)
  17. travel to Mars
  18. travel to Venus
  19. recreate a fictional Big Bounce universe
  20. live in a virtual reality space overnight
  21. learn trigonometry
  22. karaoke with Chase
  23. go to Disney World
  24. see glow worms in Europe
  25. see the aurora borealis
  26. grow a butterfly garden
  27. build a fish tank of 50g or more
  28. paint a canvas that’s 6′ x 6′ or more
  29. go Narwhal watching
  30. buy a Tesla
  31. open a successful Etsy store
  32. make bath bombs
  33. make soap
  34. make candles
  35. make jewelry

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