25 Articles to Explore

I have all these tabs everywhere, New Yorker articles I can’t access, places I’ve yet to see. So I wanted to clump them all up for future reference. Also, I’m having a rough one with my family today, and listing is always calming.

10 Wikipedia Articles

  1. Mariana Trench
  2. Geomagnetic Reversal
  3. Challenger Deep
  4. KGB
  5. Nationalism
  6. Mass Hysteria
  7. Apocalypticism
  8. Millenarianism
  9. New World Order
  10. Populism

3 Tempting Reads from The New Yorker

  1. Why Asymmetry Has Become a Literary Phenomenon
  2. The Failed Career of Paul Ryan
  3. Junot Diaz’s Legacy of Childhood Trauma

3 Live Science Articles

  1. New Ocean Currents
  2. Hellish Storms of Jupiter
  3. Facts About Molybdenum

3 Autism-related Articles

  1. Autism & Sleep
  2. What Autism Means
  3. The Gift of Autism

3 Parenting-related Articles

  1. Parenting Cautions
  2. Asperger’s and Motherhood
  3. Motherhood: Autistic Parenting

3 Politics-related Articles

  1. How Trump and Putin Lie
  2. Facebook Interrogation Backfired
  3. Dreamers at Greater Risk for Mental Health Stress

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