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In the spirit of Autism Awareness Month, I’m going to continue exploring my experiences on the spectrum. If you appreciate reading about these experiences, make sure to visit my other blog, Cleo’s Autism Awareness.

Watching Right NowΒ πŸ’š Patterns on the Brain

Patterns are information. Information is just a patterned arrangement of particles.

Says so in this video @2:30ish:

I often think about the wrinkles in my brain. I have this dream of pulling my brain out of my ear, then ironing out the wrinkles. I’m having deja vu about blogging the one-sentence synopsis of my brain-ironing dream.

Seriously though, the cuteness of this Carbon atom is criminal:


Hopefully it’s not planning to join a C-8 molecule, because that bedlam is in the top 10 explanations for why cancer is killing us all.

Listing πŸ’›40 Natural Patterns that Trigger Feelings

In a future blog post, or maybe as a 30-Day Instagram Challenge, I’m going to gather images of all these beautiful natural patterns…some of them, admittedly, are only half-natural, interacting with manmade things… that bring feelings to the surface.

These patterns may or may not trigger you, too; if you’re up for it, you can let me know which ones you agree with…and which ones I missed!… in the comments below.

  1. rings in water
  2. waves in the ocean
  3. leaves running downstream
  4. petals falling from blossoming trees
  5. bathwater spiraling into the drain
  6. palm trees bowing to El Nino
  7. the grooves in palm bark
  8. the ripples in windswept grass
  9. the dance of several bees in a bed of flowers
  10. the movement of sunlight on windowpanes
  11. the splatter of rain on windshields
  12. the laughter of birds at sunset
  13. the arrowheads of migrating ducks
  14. the rude yet choreographed honking of geese
  15. a bath bomb dissolving in water
  16. a scattering of clouds beneath the horizon of an airplane window
  17. the first time your heart breaks so hard, you sob yourself to sleep
  18. the crackling of lightning and thunder in the heart of Colorado
  19. time lapses of flowers that open and close only once a year
  20. the rhythmic inhale and exhale of meditation
  21. the shape of the Milky Way, when everything else is pitch dark
  22. the stripes of a tabby cat
  23. the rosettes of a Bengal cat
  24. the sound of a horse galloping towards you
  25. the aurora borealis, I can only assume
  26. the first time a child plays he-loves-me, he-loves-me-not
  27. the first time a toddler walks
  28. the first time a baby laughs until they snort
  29. the soft breeze, and the sweetly aromatic pages, of flipping through a new book, shuffling a new world, for the first time
  30. the broken record of thoughts I am always trying to break trying to break trying try
  31. the shape of coral reefs
  32. the shape of ant hills
  33. the movement of a golf ball that refuses to roll into the hole of an artificial ant hill
  34. Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5;
  35. a prism held up to sunlight;
  36. the prismatic performance of a disco ball;
  37. the collective sigh of a relieved audience;
  38. the skipping of a stone on pond water;
  39. the accumulation of wrinkles with age;
  40. the last few moments after your mother tucks you into bed, when she stands at the edge of the door, and light floods around her like a halo, like a golden mantle, like wings of ethereal light, and you think,Β No matter what, I’ll be fine, because this woman will protect me forever.

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