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I found a new DIY self-care project thanks to the video below. I’m not sure if it’d be a good DIY without at least a preliminary knowledge of psychology; but given I studied psychology for my first three years of college, I figure I got this.Famous last words.

Also, it’s not like prototyping a method for self-soothing is going to be harmful to an autistic person. Let’s be real here.

Watching Right Now πŸ’š Childhood Emotional Neglect

Listing πŸ’œ 7 Steps for Treatment

  1. Track your feelings;That’s what this blog is for;
  2. Describe the feeling;But don’t actually use the word for the feeling (the video has an example);
  3. Notice your needs;I struggle with defining this one because I feel like, no matter what, it’s too much;
  4. Practice self-care;This blog is also meant to track my progress in this category, thanks to the dashboard;
  5. List what makes you feel nurtured,This prompt scares the hell out of me… which is what I plan to do for my next post
  6. Accept help and support from others;UGHHHHHH
  7. Setting healthy boundaries.I can’t. I’m not allowed. That’s why I hide.

Watching Right Now ❀ Developmentally Arrested

But what happens when developmentally arresting traumas happen to someone with a developmental disorder? Because I connected with this video, then felt overwhelmed as soon as I considered the co-morbid complications.

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