Lakhiani’s 3 Important Questions

I read Vishen Lakhiani’s Code of the Extraordinary Mind last year, and it rekindled my flame in self-help literature. If it weren’t for Amazon Unlimited suggesting Lakhiani’s book, I’m not sure if I would have read Designing Your Life or any of the other self-help and psychology e-books populating my Kindle.

Now I read self-help more than fiction.

And I really love to read fiction.

So while watching self-help YouTube videos, I found Lakhiani again, and I bookmarked a few of these treasures in my parrot’s newspaper, Meeper, such as…

I wanted to tackle the three questions he mentions:

What experiences do I want to have? What family do I want to have? Where do I want to travel? 

For me to be the woman who has these experiences, how do I have to grow? We are growth-driven machines. How can I learn to be a better lover? Better wife? Better mother? What do I want to learn? What languages do I want to speak? What music do I want to perform?

To be that woman who has these experiences, who has this growth—how do I give back to the world? How do I contribute to fellow souls? How do I give back to the human race? How do I inspire people? Your contributions become your steps to give back to the world, from happiness to fulfillment.

Experiences. Growth. Contribution.

This is your list. Everything else is just a means goal. Your true goals are buried in this list.


  1. I want to see the pyramids.
  2. I want to give birth to a child, then adopt a child. We’ll have a daughter and a son.
  3. I want to be a loving, playful, and accepting wife and mother.
  4. I want to see glow worms on a deep cavern tour. I want to photograph the fine details of a glow worm at just the right angle.
  5. I want to publish hybrid genre books. I want to publish e-books that make travel possible, that pay off college, that enable my children for college, and I want all those e-books to have autistic main characters, but in different genres.
  6. I want to make a browser game: a CYOA visual novel.
  7. I want to fall in love with a cockatoo.


  1. I want to learn as much as possible about Hatshepsut, fifth pharoah of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt.
  2. I want to learn more about how to be a successful foster parent. I want to educate myself.
  3. I want to learn more about how to be kind, uplifting, and forgiving.
  4. I want to learn how to photograph with a good camera, in the dark.
  5. I need to read every genre. I want to grow as a reader. I want to relearn the joy of a hardcover in sunlight.
  6. I want to learn advanced HTML and CSS.
  7. I need to learn more about animal intelligence. I have to read more about parrot behavior; bird behavior; bird watching.


  1. I want to encourage female leadership. The books I write will have female leaders. The succeeding artificial superintelligences will be the ones that create children. I’ll create models for women to follow to become strong leaders.
  2. I am going to raise children who want to build the world; not take away from the world.
  3. I will write a book about animal intelligence and birds. I will write another book about animal intelligence and cats.
  4. I’ll share how I see the universe in these glow worms through photography.
  5. I’ll write books in lots of genres:
    • high fantasy/science fiction;
    • science fiction/romance;
    • romance/thriller;
    • thriller/post-apocalyptic;
    • post-apocalyptic/cyberpunk;
    • cyberpunk/memoir;
    • memoir/spirituality;
    • spirituality/education;
    • education/poetry;
    • poetry/family;
    • family/urban fantasy;
    • urban fantasy/steampunk;
    • steampunk/young adult;
    • young adult/horror;
    • horror/mystery;
    • mystery/cookbook;
    • cookbook/humor;
    • humor/music;
    • music/science;
    • science/creativity;
    • creativity/speculative fiction;
    • speculative fiction/how-to;
    • how-to/slice of life;
    • slice of life/mathematical;
    • mathematical/paranormal;
    • paranormal/nature;
    • nature/historical fantasy;
    • historical fantasy/erotica;
    • erotica/experimental;
    • experimental/mythology;
    • mythology/self-help;
    • self-help/visual novel;
    • visual novel/fairy tale;
    • fairy tale/satire;
    • satire/magical realism;
    • magical realism/western;
    • western/subterranean fiction;
    • subterranean fiction/(wo)men’s adventure;
    • (wo)men’s adventure/prehistoric fiction;
    • prehistoric fiction/quantum fiction;
    • quantum fiction/children’s lit;
  6. I’ll gamify all my websites. I’ll create fun spaces on the Internet; or fun spaces in virtual reality; because I want my stories to reach people today, not people from yesterday.
  7. I’ll share the journey through animal intelligence on YouTube. I’ll also share the journey of finding your writing voice; I seem to inspire my students, but I can do this for more than 15-30 people at a time. I want everyone to believe in the potential of their voices, then put their ear to the ground to listen to the voices of nature, to translate for nature, just as scientists translate nature’s language into mathematics…for us to understand.


One thought on “Lakhiani’s 3 Important Questions

  1. I want to be there to help you achieve all your goals!

    That’s my goal 😊

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