3×3 Blogosphere Formula

Lately I’ve tried to give my intuition more agency. While slices of our society argue gut reactions are more of a primal response,—and therefore, inferior to the rationale of an intellectual, mammalian-brain response—lately I’ve questioned the validity of this point of view; I’m uncertain if evolution intended for us to abandon our reptilian, unconscious responses as much as we’ve done as a 21st-century, dazzled-and-bedazzled, pathos-invested, logos-excused species;

So I’ve given my body more permission to send those visceral reactions to my prefrontal cortex for honest and openhearted consideration.

Which means all the below rules are designed to be broken.

3 Rules for Content

  • 1st readers see is a “pinned” quote or snippet, digestible in 30sec or less, with the intention to pique a) curiosity b) open-mindedness & c) wonder; then the next 2 posts will vary in order, but will meet the below criteria:
  • 2nd or 3rd post of 100 words or less, like tickling an idea;
  • 2nd or 3rd post of 300 words or more, where an idea is explored with some depth—but not enough depth to warrant a wetsuit; cavernous writing (1000+ words) isn’t something I plan, although it’s still something I magically produce 1-3 times a week.

pinned mood setter + 100-word tickle + 500-word depth =
textured content / curvaceous body

3 Rules for Top Menu & Sidebar

  • unified menu structure across all sites for ease of movement within blogosphere;
  • search bar and video (or community badge) above the fold, to invite a conversation within and beyond each blog;
  • alternation between e-mail sign-up, Amazon Associates disclosure, Patreon recruitment, and Pinterest boards for the remaining sidebar, until widgets are flush with the length of 3 content posts.

search bar + above-fold conversation + below-fold alternation =
visually stimulating, exploration-friendly maps / flow

3 Rules for Footer

  • succinct & metamorphic blogging & social media goals;
  • recommended & thematic books as repeat-exposure, full-disclosure ads;
  • alternation with more Pinterest boards.

goals + recommended books + embedded alternation =
visually stimulating, ethos-designed call-to-actions

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